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Saturday 11 February 2017

Puppy Born Without Legs And Left To Die Looks For Love This Valentine's

Puppy Born Without Legs And Left To Die Looks For Love This Valentine's

Everyone deserves love this Valentine's Day, especially one little pup named Cupid. He's had a rough start in his short life so far, as he was born without his front legs. But with a little help from friends who only want to give him love, he’s getting a chance to walk and he's shooting everyone with his arrow this Valentine's.

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Cupid was found in the trash behind a building.

Someone heard him crying and came to his rescue. They discovered that he was born without front legs.

The eight-week-old pup is getting fitted for some prosthetic legs now.

Janice Olynich, a certified prosthetist and owner of PawsAbility, fitted Cupid with his new legs. "The challenge for him is that he's never walked before. It's not going to be instinctive for him to put these on and to immediately start walking. He needs strength, he needs balance, he needs co-ordination."

Cupid wears his prosthetic for a short time each day as he gets used to them.

"With repetition and a lot of positive encouragement, I think this is going to be helpful to him."

Cupid is living up to his name, as everyone he meets falls in love with him.

He'll be up for adoption at the end of February so he can continue bringing love to those around him.

Main Image via Paul Borkwood | CBC

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