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Friday 31 March 2017

Illustrator Captures Women In Their Everyday Secret Habits

Illustrator Captures Women In Their Everyday Secret Habits

Sally Nixon is an illustrator taking on the 365-day challenge. For the challenge, she's drawing scenes from the everyday lives of girls. These charming illustrations really capture some of the small, fleeting, sometimes embarrassing things that girls do when left to their own devices. 
I know at I have done all these things, probably weekly. Take a look at Nixon's illustrations and let me know what you think in the COMMENTS! 

I always eat standing up in the kitchen. 

Except instead of cake, it's cookie dough for me. 

Fast food and cuddly naps! 

Say hello to my Sundays. 

If I could spend every night at home eating chips and reading...

I would be pretty happy, though I might miss a friend from time to time. 

Breakfast for dinner is the best kind of dinner. 

Don't you think?

Leaving the takeout garbage on the counter is my specialty. 

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