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Sunday 16 April 2017

15 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers Who Are Changing The Game

15 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers Who Are Changing The Game

It's crazy how much the fashion world has changed. Plus-size models are taking over the runway, and I am loving it! All bodies are beautiful, and it's amazing to see that plus-size models are getting the recognition that they deserve. Not only are plus-size ladies working the runway, but they are also killing it on Instagram. Here are 15 amazing plus-size fashion bloggers who are killing the game. Yas!

1. This fashion blogger nails '90s fashion perfectly. 

Cher would love an outfit like this. 

2. Coco's style is uber fashionable.

Exhibit A!

3. Gabriella's curves are to die for. 


4. Human or mermaid? 

I need that skirt! 

5. Chantal's bio says that she is iconic. 

Well, girl, you definitely are. 

6. I can't get over her and her outfit. 

Killing it! 

7. This fashion blogger is too cute! 

She reminds me of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. 

8. This fashion blogger is all about finding trendy and affordable clothing. 

Perfect for anyone on a budget. 

9. I love this girl's style!

My favorite thing about her is that she always adds a pop of color to her looks. 

10. I literally can't get over this dress. 

My obsession with it is not normal. 

11. I'm loving this nude ensemble. 

Her account is one of my favorites on this list. She screams stylish. 

12. Nadia's style totally reminds me of Kim Kardashian. 

By the way, she has been featured in so many magazines and campaigns. She is just starting to take over the fashion world. 

13. Not only is this fashion blogger stylish as ever, but she is also hilarious! 

14. Fluvia Lacerda has left me breathless. 

She is just flawless in every way. 

15. I'm loving this ensemble. 

So chic!

You ladies are the best! Keep rocking! 

Do you have a favorite plus-size fashion blogger? Comment to let us know who she is! 

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