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Wednesday 31 May 2017

12 Things Women Can Finally Do — Finally!

12 Things Women Can Finally Do — Finally!

There's a ton of absurd products in the world today, but some of the most ridiculous are gendered products. 
In fact, according to the creators of gendered products, there are tons of things women just can't do or just aren't interested in...unless we make the things pink.
So, because we know product marketing is never wrong, here's a list of things that we ladies can finally do. Sisters are finally doin' it for themselves!

1. Enjoy a beer

Because beer has always been a man's drink, plain and simple. I wonder what Ninkasi, the Ancient Sumerian goddess of beer would have thought about all this...

2. Write things

The lack of women's pens is probably why there's been such a lack of female writers throughout history, right? Problem solved!

I wonder how Mary Shelley, Virginia Woolf, and Toni Morrison ever managed without their lady Bic pens?

3. Store data

Technology is literally impossible for us to use unless it has rhinestones and a feminine color palette.

4. Invest money 

Investing like a woman is exactly like investing like a man, except that every dollar you make, is actually 79 cents. Don't worry, though. Those cents are probably being deposited in a pink, floral-scented bank, which makes it all OK.

5. Park their cars

You'll see they changed the markings from white to pink because our brains are apparently incapable of recognizing any other colors.

6. Play doctor

Who knew that pink stethoscopes would be the key to getting more women into the field of medical science?

 7. Have interests

Look at all the interests we can have now, ladies! From dieting to self-help, the world is our totally-not-patronizing oyster!

8. Learn about geography 

Now that Kuwait is pink, we can finally understand the geopolitics of Middle-Eastern oil production.

9. Punch stuff

Remember Million Dollar Baby? I guess all Maggie Fitzgerald was interested in was blasting away calories...

 10. Make fire
 Behold, ladies: men discovered it back in the Stone Age, but thanks to Miss Bic, we too have the ability to harness the awesome power of fire! 

13. Eat tuna salad

Now that I have a spread that sounds vaguely obscene, I can finally indulge in some chicken of the sea!

12. Eat tuna salad

Now that I have a spread that sounds vaguely obscene, I can finally indulge in some chicken of the sea!

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