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Monday 29 May 2017

16 Cleaning Hacks That Will Transform Your Home

16 Cleaning Hacks That Will Transform Your Home

Forget the elbow grease, we’ve got genius cleaning hacks that are more brain power than manpower and will change the way you spring clean.

1. 1 x set of tongs + 2 x cloths = clean, dust-free blinds.

2. Pet hairs are notoriously difficult to pick up in the vacuum cleaner. But run a squeegee over the carpet first and look at what you get.

3. Just peel it off and bin it. Too easy!

4. Clean and unclog the showerhead by filling a small bag with white vinegar and attaching it with a rubber band. 

Let it soak for at least two hours, then simply remove.

5. Sure, dusting removes dust from your surfaces, but where does it go? When you dust your fans with a pillowslip, it cleans and also collects the dust!

6. You know it brings the shine back to wooden surfaces, but have you seen what furniture polish will do to your stainless steel appliances?

7. Grease and oil on fabrics? Apply chalk to greasy spills and watch it suck up the mess.

8. It’s a heavy-duty cleaning job that requires elbow grease and lots of sweat – or half an onion and a fork. 

Turn the grill to very hot and then rub an onion over the loosened grease and grime.

9. Throw in four Alka-Seltzers and one cup of vinegar to unclog drains. 

Leave for 10 minutes, then wash down with warm water.

10. For a sparkling clean and smooth iron, run it over a piece of paper sprinkled with salt.

Make sure the steam function is off!

11. It is possible to clean a coffee and spice grinder without losing a finger! Just run some uncooked brown rice through to pick up the oil and residue and unclog the blades.

12. Clean your washing machine by filling the detergent drawer with a cup of bleach and then running it on the hottest cycle. Then run another cycle with 1/4 cup of baking soda, 1/4 cup of water, and one cup vinegar.

Obviously, make sure the washing machine is empty of clothes!

13. Wrap a damp sponge around a broom, affix with rubber bands, and clean the ceiling features – all without risking life and limb.

Get down off that unstable chair or rickety ladder now! 

14. To clean vents, wrap a moist cloth around a knife.

15. This has to be the quickest and easiest way to clean silver. Line a pan with foil, fill with boiling water, and add two tablespoons of baking soda. Then dip!

Careful, the silver can get hot!

16. Who knew disposable razors were so versatile?

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