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Saturday 13 May 2017

169-Pound Weight Loss Has Completely Transformed This Woman's Face

169-Pound Weight Loss Has Completely Transformed This Woman's Face

For most of her life, 24-year-old Kaylee Bonnett has been overweight. At her heaviest, she was 481 pounds, and even in high school, she weighed 300 pounds, which not only impacted her self-esteem but also her ability to make friends. 

"Day to day, life was a constant struggle. From worrying about if I'll fit in this chair or if the chair will hold me, to trying to look nice and hoping that getting from point A to B doesn't make me sweat my hair and makeup off, I was constantly on the defense." 

 Then, in her early twenties, Kaylee was diagnosed as pre-diabetic with high blood pressure. 
 She was told by her doctors that if she didn't change her lifestyle, she would most certainly suffer a heart attack or a stroke. 
 Not wanting to die, Kaylee decided to get gastric bypass surgery. 
 However, before her doctor would OK that procedure, Kaylee had to lose at least 30 pounds on her own.
 So, she cut back her calorie intake, focused on a high-protein, low-carb diet, and made a point of walking every single day. 

When the time came for her to have the surgery, Kaylee had lost over 70 pounds — in less than five months!
 And even though she experienced both pain and discomfort after the procedure, she kept walking, and amped up her diet.
 Not only did Kaylee eliminate fatty foods and added sugar, but she also limited herself to 800 calories per day. 
 On top of the walking, she also started taking CrossFit classes.
 While she still has a ways to go before hitting her goal weight of 225 pounds, Kaylee is happy with the progress she has made.
 "The weight loss has truly changed my life. I'm actually living life, which I wasn't [doing] before." 
 Kaylee's weight loss journey has also garnered a large number of followers on social media. 
 Her Instagram account @fatgirlfitness_rny has over 18,000 followers and her posts regularly receive praise and words of encouragement. 
 "The reactions of others is what surprises me, and it helps me see the change." 

To follow Kaylee and show her some support as she makes her way through this amazing lifestyle change, head over to her Instagram!

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