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Saturday 27 May 2017

Photos That Will Change The Way You View The World

Photos That Will Change The Way You View The World

They are the monuments, places and landmarks so widely photographed we feel we know them completely. But how well do you know the world around you? Here are photos that will change your perspective.

1. The Bavarian town of Nördlingen, which was built in a 14-million-year-old meteor impact crater.

2. The end of the Great Wall of China.

3. The place where old tires go to die.

4. The two sides of Rio de Janeiro.

5. In case you need reminding that Cairo is a very old city.

6. A 360-degree rainbow as seen from an airplane.

7. It’s all very Presidential.

8. This is what Mercury looks like.

9. Conformity and creativity side-by-side in Barcelona.

10. An inside view of one of Google’s data centers.

11. There was a time when conquering Mount Everest was considered a great feat. These days you have to stand in line.

12. Stonehenge: rocks in a field.

13. We’re used to seeing them individually, but would you recognize the strange and ancient Easter Island sculptures as they stand, clustered together?

14. Somewhere beyond the crowds is the Mona Lisa.

source: diply.com

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