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Monday, 22 May 2017

You Can Actually Be A Disney Princess At Prom This Year

You Can Actually Be A Disney Princess At Prom This Year

I’ll never forget picking out my high school prom dress. I walked into the first store, saw it, and fell in love immediately. I swear, it was like something out of a movie! 
I tried it on and, of course, it was perfect, but I put it on hold and tried on different dresses at different stores, for good measure and to really be sure. But, I ended up picking that first dress, a long floor-length bubblegum pink gown with tulle, something fit for a princess. 
Who knew that one day there would be prom dresses that were actually inspired by our favorite princesses? Disney teamed up with Glitterati for the Disney Forever Enchanted Collection, a line made up of different dresses that are nothing short of magical.

1. Cinderella

Of course, if one wants to wear this dress, they must arrive to their school prom in a pumpkin carriage and leave one slipper behind on the gymnasium floor. Duh. Non-negotiable part of being Cinderella for the night.

2. Ariel

"Watch and you'll see, someday I'll be, part of your" ....prom? 
"Dancing on those, what do you call them? Oh, feet!" I could go on forever,

3. Aurora

Be sure that the sleeping spell wears off before prom starts! The last thing any princess would want would be to sleep through her special night. 
This dress is one of my favorites, the silhouette looks super flattering! .

4. Snow White

Whoever said that Snow White was a boring princess hasn't seen this dress. Look at that fiery red color, the crystal detailing, and that thigh-high slit! Simple, but so stunning, just like Snow White!

5. Elsa

Let the prom rage on, a curfew never bothered me anyway! Okay, maybe a curfew did bother me, but still, you get the point. How cool is that mermaid silhouette and the icy blue color? 
Be the Queen of Arendale, or at least your high school, for at least one night in this dress.

6. Snow White 

Okay, this could be Snow White because it is, in fact, snow-white, but it could also be inspired by any of the princesses' wedding dresses? On second thought, that might scare your date. We're gonna stick with Snow White.

7. Tiana

Tiana is taking the night off her hard-working life for one night in this sequin number! You'll be the life of the party in this dress — and who knows? Maybe you'll ever kiss a frog and end up finding true love — or have a great time alone, or with friends because you are a strong independent woman who don't need no man (or no woman). Either one works.

8. Snow White

Don't fall victim to the poison apple! I'd steer clear of seven dwarves too, while we're at it. That red hue is so beautiful, perfect with a red lip and minimal eye makeup!

9. Belle

"Tale as old as time, true as it can be, she doesn't know what's going on, he's asking her to prom, unexpectedly!"
 Okay, I'm sorry. I really am. I'll go home. 

10. Maleficent

Not every girl wants to be a princess! Some have a darker side, myself included. Go as one of the most iconic villains of all time, and heads will turn for sure

11. Belle

"Beauty and the beast..."
Funny how most gals manage to be both during prom preparations? This dress is sweet and simple, as the princess it was inspired by. 

12. Ariel

"Life is the bubbles, at prom with me!"
 No doubt, Ariel would love this dress. Look how many thingamabobs are on it! 
BYOD: Bring Your Own Dinglehopper. 

13. Elsa

You don't have to freeze the entire high school to make a good impression in this dress. If anyone gives you a cold stare, it is 110% because they wish they looked as fly as you do! 
That, or your special powers froze the chaperone.

14. Aurora

This dress is so beautiful! I'm loving the jewel-encrusted top, and the free-flowing tulle skirt, of course! Sleeping Beauty would definitely approve of this dress, whether she was going for a night on the town or simply back to bed.

BRB, going to pretend I'm in high school again and go crash a prom, just so I can wear one of these dresses. Or maybe I'll crash multiple proms and wear all of them? Would you have worn a Disney Forever Enchanted Prom Dress to your prom? 

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