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Friday, 2 June 2017

17 Random Celebrities Who Legit Brought The Laughs

 17 Random Celebrities Who Legit Brought The Laughs

When you're in the spotlight as much as celebrities are, you're bound to have some of your funniest moments captured for the public to see. Even some of the most serious actors like Jack Nicholson or Anthony Hopkins have made me laugh pretty hard at least once. 
Today, however, I want to look at some celebs who are just legit funny as their natural state of being.

This list was great to compile because it features such a random selection of people, some of whom you'd say, "Well, obviously that person is hilarious," while others will make you go, "Oh really? I never knew how funny they actually are!" 
Or, at least, that's where my reactions ranged from. Like, I actually learned about some celebs who are funnier than I ever thought, so if you know of any more that aren't on this list but deserve to be, please let me know in the comments!
Alright, let's get started...

1. Adele 

A great example of a celebrity I didn't know could be so funny!
 She is all of us at the gym! I mean, I pretty much whine and cry before I'm even at the gym, so this is very real for me. Hello from the other side, Adele, the other side of the wall of the gym.

2. Of course Bill Murray has to be on this list!

 The guy is simply a legend. Obviously, he's an outstanding comedic actor, but the IDC attitude he carries with him in his day to day is even better! Who else would steal someone's fries at a Wendy's and tell them, "No one will ever believe you," before just walking away? 

He'll do stuff like this all the time:*

 He just shows up to things! Invited or not, sometimes a random Bill Murray will appear. And really, who in their right mind would kick Bill Murray out of their event for not being invited?

3. Danny Trejo

 The guy who played Machete in Machete wielding the machete from Machete! Letting go of his tough-guy persona, Danny Trejo just wants everyone to enjoy some cake. Apparently, the cake needs enough candles to burn a house down, but that just adds to the sense of danger. 

4. Aubrey Plaza

 Like the personification of Grumpy Cat, Plaza is all around hilarious. I think one of my favorite moments of hers is when she wore sunglasses with a moustache attached to them on the red carpet — simply because Amy Poehler dared her to!

She rocked it:

5. Danny DeVito

 A while back, DeVito tweeted this picture of his socked foot — no reason or context given, just a foot. Like, how could you not love this adorable, strange little man?! 

6. Eminem

"I'm beginning to feel just like a rap god..." 
 For someone who can be so hardcore, Marshall Mathers has always had a great sense of humor. Whether he's clapping back at other celebs or rappers — or making fun of himself — his jokes always seem to come out of nowhere.

Like, look at his face every time he says anything funny:

 His delivery is perfect! I'm laughing, but for some reason, I'm still scared enough to pee a little. 

7. Barack Obama

Does anyone remember last summer when he randomly tweeted out his playlist of summer jams? Yep, it seems like he was already in vacation mode in August 2016, and who could blame him?
From compiling a list of bangers to his many appearances on late night television and especially Between Two Ferns, Obama has legit made me laugh more than any other president. And I do mean that I was laughing with him, not at him, since some other presidents are more suited to that style of comedy.

8. Robert Downey Jr.

Just look at the difference between Mark Ruffalo and RDJ's twitter bio!
  Always unabashedly himself, Robert Downey Jr. isn't afraid to be dashing, cocky, ridiculous, and crazy at the same time! I mean, the guy basically is the real-life version of Tony Stark, Iron Man.

9. Shaquille O'Neal

Who could forget the time Shaq cracked himself up with this silly pun? Also, did you know the guy has, like, a hundred nicknames? Some of them are pretty far out, like "The Big Leprechaun" and "Hobo Master." Yeah, I have no idea why. 

10. Sarah Paulson

No, this is not Lana Del Rey! Hahahaha.
 A fan had mistaken her for Lana Del Ray and tweeted out this pic. There are some similarities you could see, I suppose, but that's gotta be weird for everyone involved. But the greatest part was when Paulson came to a certain realization...
 Yep, Lana Del Ray's real name is Elizabeth Grant. Honestly, Ms. Paulson, I didn't know that fact either. Thanks for clearing it up for the rest of us!

11. Ryan Reynolds 

  Again, not only a great comedic actor, but a funny dude in general. A loving husband, nurturing father, and a totally savage tweeter, Reynolds puts himself out there and just does his thing! Seriously, if you're not following him on Twitter, you should be. 

12. Anna Faris

I've been in love with Anna Faris since the eighth grade when I first saw Scary Movie. I highly doubt I could compare to her amazingly funny and handsome husband Chris Pratt, but who would wanna come between those two anyway? They're hilarious parents and pretty much perfect for each other. Hopefully the potty training has gone a bit better since that tweet :P

13. Amy Poehler

 Actually a pretty huge fan of Game of Thrones, Poehler just owned author George R.R. Martin with that trick question. But it's no surprise that she's as naturally funny IRL as she is on screen, really. She's one of the funniest people around right now!

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14. And, of course, Tina Fey

Obviously I couldn't mention Poehler without Fey! There is no end to the wealth of respect I have for this woman. From writing and directing some of the funniest movies and shows out there, to constantly killing it with Poehler at award shows and the like, Tina Fey is undoubtedly one of my biggest comedic heroes. 

15. Chrissy Teigen

 I'll admit, this is a celeb who I didn't expect to be this funny! She's constantly making fun of her husband Jon Legend, or "Ledgend" if you're the Golden Globes, and it's fire every time. Her Twitter game is freakin' insane! Do yourself a favor and follow her immediately. 

16. Rihanna

 Another one I didn't realize was so funny, Rihanna throws more shade than the sun in a forest! She's like, the queen of clapbacks on Twitter and Instagram. Honestly, a lot of them were pretty NSFW, so I couldn't show it all, but trust me when I say she is savage!

17. Will Smith

 Probably not too big of a surprise that this dude is charming and funny all around. But what really got me was not too long ago when he chopped off Jaden's dreads with the vigor of some kinda super villain!

And then, of course, he had to try them on himself...

He definitely has the look of, "Huh, not bad?" Whereas Jaden is just like, "What have you doooone?!"

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