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Friday 16 June 2017

23 Reasons To Stay With Your Bae

23 Reasons To Stay With Your Bae

 Don't you hate seeing perfect couples everywhere you look? It's repulsive to see them all over each other, including on social media. 
Calm down, right? 
BUT there are times when we see couples act absolutely ADORABLE in more respectful ways, so we can all appreciate it on their behalf. 
Here's to the couples who do it right - giving us all hope with potential future bae?

1. When your man is all for a great manicure!

2. Always a necessary cake.

3. Starting them young!

So freaking cute!

4. A couple who has everything figured out.

5. What on earth is going on?

They sure look happy though.

6. See something new every day!

7. To each their own?

8. I feel this.

The best relationship.

9. For sure #goals!

10. I know some couples who would legit use this.

No shame.

11. Ugh. Adorable.

12. Kudos for keeping things fun and adventurous!

13. To each their own... bro.

14. Cuteness overload!

15. A couple of precious horses showing us how it's done.

16. This is how he goes about apologizing... 

17. I don't think he's going to score anytime soon. 

18. He knows her well. 

19. Having googly eyes on hand is the key to any successful relationship. 

20. And she says you never listen. 

21. And I guess you love him or whatever. 

22. Doing it right!!!

23. For all the single ladies out there. 

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