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Sunday 18 June 2017

6 'Beautiful' Tourist Destinations That Were Very Different In Person

6 'Beautiful' Tourist Destinations That Were Very Different In Person

Most people have a long list of places they want to travel to before they die. Usually, these places are thought to be immeasurably beautiful, while other places on this list may have historical or political significance. One thing is for sure: we always have a picture of what these places look like before we get there and it's usually pretty spectacular. This isn't really our fault, though – tourist websites always seem to make a destination look better than reality. 
Here are six "beautiful" tourist destinations that definitely differed from expectations. 
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1. Stonehenge is one of those mystical places that most of us dream about going to at some point in our lives. 

Of course, we envision walking up to the standing stones with a view that may be something like this.

 When you get there, you realize that all of these other people had the same idea in their heads. 
 2. Every time we see these beautiful canals in Venice, Italy, we're reminded of how badly we want to go there. 
 Unfortunately, you're more likely to experience this kind of situation.
 3. We all want to experience the authentic German beer experience at the HofbrÀuhaus in Munich, Germany. 
 When you get there, it's more like this – crowded and full of tourists. 

Want an authentic German experience? You might as well hit the beer garden down the street. 

 4. Everyone imagines this when they plan their trip to see Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Paris. 
 But when they get there, it's more like this. 

Mona, is that you?!

 5. When we see travel advertisements for The Great Wall of China, it looks something like this. 
 But on a typical day, it can be less than appealing. 
 6. This is what people envision before going to the beautiful Bondi Beach in Australia. 
 But like many tourist-friendly beaches, this is what you're more likely to experience. 
h/t Brightside

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