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Friday 9 June 2017

Boyfriend's Response To His Girlfriend's Bikini Selfie Deserves A 'Boy, Bye'

Boyfriend's Response To His Girlfriend's Bikini Selfie Deserves A 'Boy, Bye'

 We've all asked our significant others the age-old question, "Does this (insert name of clothing item here) make me look fat?" 
It's not exactly a fair question, as there is only one acceptable answer, but in my experience, a good bae knows exactly what to say. 
Well, that doesn't seem to be the case for Katie Testa, who sent her boyfriend a sexy bikini selfie and got a stone cold response in return. 

Katie recently tweeted out a play-by-play of the whole situation, with much deserved caption: "boy, bye." 

At first glance, I this rockin' bikini pic looks like an after pic for some sort of Instagrammable tea, so what could possibly be the problem?

Well, the problem wasn't with Katie's beach babe body, but with her boyfriend's opinion of the swimwear selfie.

 Like a supportive and caring partner, Katie asked what was upsetting her beau, and he responded with some pretty sour statements that basically no girl ever needs to hear. 

Here is a closer look at the selfie she sent her man. 

To be honest, she's gorgeous, and I'm not just saying that. Plus, that bikini is downright adorable. 
 Regardless of age, shape, or size, every body is a beach body that deserves to wear a two-piece with pride!

It seems the only thing Katie did wrong in this situation was choosing this guy to be her boyfriend. 

I can't think of an acceptable reason to actually say this to another human, let alone someone you care about. I don't care if you're Prince Charming or Channing Tatum (both of whom would never be this cruel), no woman should ever change her body to fit your unrealistic body standards. I wasn't made for you. I was made for me.


Thankfully, the replies to her tweet were extremely supportive and positive, just like her boyfriend should have been.

As expected, many a man was ready to jump in and show some appreciation.

 I'm sure it's not that difficult to see the beauty in this lady. Plus, I'm sure our girl could use a pick-me-up after the trauma she suffered at the hands of her former lover.

People also replied to her tweet with a some much needed comic relief. 

 At this point, a little laughter is the only way to keep my rage to a manageable level. The world needs more of this Twitter positivity! 

If he has unrealistic beauty standards, you need to have higher standards. 

 If he's going to criticize your body, he doesn't deserve to have access to it. Allow people to prove they are worthy of your affection and attention. If they don't handle you with care, they probably don't care about you at all.

Rejoice! Katie has ended her relationship with the rudest man in the world, so we can all rest easy. 

 The perfect girl doesn't exist, so I have a feeling this guy is definitely going to die alone. Hopefully, he doesn't attach himself to another unsuspecting victim, because I don't have enough energy to deal with another case of pure disrespect. 


When life gives you a lemon, trade up, or use it as a garnish for a fancy martini.

Because I'm assuming that's exactly what Beyoncé would do.
So, can we all just agree that from now on, our bodies are our business, and no one else's? K, thanks! Bye!

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