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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Dad Develops An App To Help His Nonverbal Daughter Communicate

Dad Develops An App To Help His Nonverbal Daughter Communicate

 In 2013, Rob Laffan's daughter Sadie was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). But he didn't despair. Instead, he committed himself to understanding all of the challenges Sadie would have to face in her life and to do his best to help her. What resulted was an app that let Sadie choose pictures to represent her needs, which then sends a text message to her parents' phones. 

Simplicity is key with the app, called Tippy Talk. It starts with pictures of each parent, allowing her to choose who she wants to communicate with. Then once she selects her need, a text message gets sent to that parent.

What's great is that the app is customizable to each child's needs. Doesn't like apples? Take out the picture. Does Grandma babysit often? Add her to the main screen alongside Mom and Dad.
 Plastic or paper communication boards have been a common tool for decades, but Laffan has brought them into the 21st Century with his app.

Location isn't an issue. Sadie can communicate with her parents no matter where they are. 

 The app may have resulted in Laffan receiving multiple awards for entrepreneurship, but the most important thing for him will always be how it has helped Sadie.

After using the app, five-year-old Sadie finally said her first words: "open," and "hello."

 And Laffan's not done yet. As Tippy Talk gains popularity among families with similar communication needs, he's already planning for the next steps.

Two-way communication is already scheduled to be added in 2017.

How great a dad is he? SHARE his and Sadie's story with your family!
h/t The Huffington Post

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