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Tuesday 6 June 2017

Ghosts Aren't Real, But Gettin' Ghosted Is

Ghosts Aren't Real, But Gettin' Ghosted Is

 Ignored, ghosted, left on read — all are terrible feelings we get now and then, especially if you're a garbage person like me. 
You know, I've tried to embrace it, but sometimes, the backlash is too much and I wonder if I should try to be better than trash. Then I'm like, nah, let's get some tacos or something.
But who you gonna call when even the Ghostbusters are ghosting you? 

I did a piece recently where I asked you guys what was worse: getting left on read or an evil robot uprising. Obviously, we all concluded that being left on read is way worse, regardless of evil robots being real or not these days, because it straight up is!
Honestly, though, since then, I've learned to deal with it.
Sure, I'm gonna complain and run on for a bit, 'cause that's how I deal with my life now. But ultimately, it's all good. You know who likes all the same things I do, thinks I'm funny, and is always spending time with me? ME!
Can I get an amen?!

Check this trick out if you wanna get your friends over quick and lose 'em quicker:

But like I said, once you know yourself and why you're like this, it becomes a lot easier to deal.

Of course, this does mean throwing any amount of dignity you have right out the window.

Take a good look — you ain't gonna find it.

I'm happy for others, though, sure...

 But this is just a kick in the head. These little ones have the best outfits and are snappin' fire pics of each other — and I can't get a text back. Smh.

I guess I just gotta find someone who shares my status

 Yeah, I just need to find a little mouse in my life to snuggle up and eat garbage with all night!

But this quote really just sums it up:

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