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Friday, 2 June 2017

I Decided To Put 11 Different Changing Rooms To The Ultimate Test

I Decided To Put 11 Different Changing Rooms To The Ultimate Test

 When it comes to shopping, I'm sure we can all agree that one of the worst parts about it is having to try on clothes. Changing rooms are what nightmares are made of, I'm telling you.
The lights are either way too bright and make you look washed out, or they go over the top and have you looking so gorgeous in what you're trying on just so you'll buy their clothes. Of course, you take the dress home only to find out it really wasn't that cute.
To prove my point, I went to 11 different stores and checked out each changing room. There were some good, some bad, and some really ugly. 
Read on to see all the horrors I experienced.

The first store I went to was Gap. I grabbed some shorts and a top to "try on" and was met with an employee who cheerfully told me to go right on in. I love when stores do this.

 Just to be clear, I wore the same outfit in every changing room for consistency, which means I definitely pretended to try on clothes in 11 different stores. Yes, it was weird.

Anyway, the change room itself was pretty underwhelming. The lighting was harsh, and the white walls weren't doing me any favors.

 Moving on, I then hit up Lululemon. When I went to "try on a top," the man waiting at the changing rooms was SO attentive, and there was no awkward standing around waiting for a room.
 The best part about this changing room? When you walk in, there are three mirrors on the wall behind you and one right in front of you. It was perfect for being able to see the back of the clothes you're trying on. 

Plus, the lighting was really flattering. They definitely know what they're doing over at Lulu. 

I went to Garage next, and I actually laughed out loud when I walked into the changing room.

To be fair, I'm six feet tall, but this was the only mirror out of every store I went to that I actually couldn't see my head in. 
The lighting was also pretty bad. There were shadows and overexposure in all the wrong places.

Moving on. I had some serious, serious issues with the Forever 21 changing rooms and whatever was stuck to their walls.

Oh, and their lighting was shameful. I will give them credit for having a full-sized (yet dirty) mirror, though.

 Okay, we need to talk about Aritzia. Their changing rooms were tiiiinnnnyyyy, and they had a curtain instead of a door.

Oh, and there were zero mirrors inside the room.

 Seriously, if you're going to use a curtain, at least make sure they shut all the way. Mine did not, and that little sliver of being able to see the store stressed me out. AND I WASN'T EVEN ACTUALLY CHANGING.

I went to Banana Republic next and adored how large the changing rooms were. Seriously, you could have thrown a party in these bad boys.

Unfortunately, the lighting was much darker compared to the other rooms I had been in. I appreciated that it wasn't too harsh like most tend to be, but still, I wasn't a fan.

I went to Aerie next. I had to awkwardly wander outside the doors waiting for someone to help me out for a good few minutes, but besides that, I was impressed with the rooms.

 The lighting was very soft (great for selfies) and would definitely make whatever you were trying on look really good. They also had a three-way mirror and obviously, I'm a huge fan.
 Trying to take a selfie in Dynamite, on the other hand, didn't work out as I would have hoped. This lighting was so funky, and really, why does my hair look green?

They too had a curtain instead of a door (why???) but at least they had a mirror in the room. 

Also, props to the saleswoman who took advantage of the curtained door and slid in three other tops I "may also like." Very good upselling, girl. Sorry I wasn't buying anything today.

I get the point of "soft" lighting, but PINK took it over the top and made me feel like I was standing in the middle of an Instagram filter.

The lighting wasn't necessarily a bad thing, and I was pretty happy with how much space they give you. 
Also, they provided me with a chair, which was great because pretending to try on a lot of clothes gets exhausting.

I knew that Bluenotes didn't have a mirror in their changing rooms, but I was still disappointed when I went in. 

Not only do they not have a mirror, but the lighting is super harsh, and everything was so dirty. You get what you pay for, I suppose.

Finally, I put American Eagle's changing room to the test.

Honestly, they weren't bad at all. I think I liked the lighting the most in here. It wasn't excessively bright or too dark. The room was clean, the mirror was big, and the door locked. 
There isn't much more I can really ask for.

Just in case you haven't seen enough selfies of me yet, here are eight more!

But really, check out the vast lighting differences from room to room. Next time you go shopping, pay attention to the change rooms and how they make you look!

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