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Tuesday 20 June 2017

These Kids Hilariously Recreate Their Childhood Photos

These Kids Hilariously Recreate Their Childhood Photos

 Time—it's chasing all of us. That doesn't mean we can't have a little fun with it, though. With the invention of the camera, families have been able to freeze moments in time for decades.

Now a brave few are resurrecting old photos to recreate for friends and family. Luckily the internet got a hold of a few of these masterpieces for our viewing pleasure.

I got to hand it to the guy, his strength is extraordinary.

When you realize "Go, Dog. Go!" isn't considered a classic American novel.

For Disney fanatics, that purple dragon on the left is actually a character called Figment from the Journey Into Imagination ride in Epcot.

The only difference? Facial hair.

Seriously though, how is he holding him up?

The squinty eyes get me every time.

When you realize you aren't six months old anymore and you have grown-up responsibilities.

Dad looks like he hasn't aged a day. 

 Snack game still going strong. 

Actually how most millennials look when they try cooking their first meal.

Dad transitioned to Nikes. Respect.

That doll might give me nightmares.

When your sibling says they're telling on you for the tenth time.

Even the clock is still on point.

My, how our priorities change.

And the winner for best childhood photo recreation goes to...

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