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Thursday 1 June 2017

We're Horrified After Asking People The Shadiest Thing A Man Has Said About A Woman's Body

We're Horrified After Asking People The Shadiest Thing A Man Has Said About A Woman's Body

One thing can be said for sure: men are both completely fascinated by women's bodies and completely ignorant about them. 
As a dude, I tried my hardest to pay attention in sex education, and I'll admit, I don't know everything there is to know about a woman's reproductive system. BUT I feel like I at least know the basics — the baby grows in the stomach, right? ...jk.
Some guys, other than knowing that a baby comes from a woman's body, don't know a dang thang and I wanted to know once and for all how widespread this ignorance is.
We took to the internet to ask people the shadiest thing they've ever heard a grown man say about how a woman's body works, and I've finally lost all hope in humanity. 

1. Let's start out with a doozy.

This man is definitely showing that he cannot sympathize at all with what a woman goes through on her period. 

2. You'd think a man would know more about something they think so much about. 

Yes, there is a global female conspiracy promoting the use of tampons for pleasure... and not a single woman has cracked and spilled the beans. *rolls eyes*

3. OK, let's turn the cringe up a notch. 

This man's ignorance is literally costing him his relationship. 

4. LOL. It's kinda sweet that he wanted her to be careful, though, right?

This man has a lot to learn...

5. Wow, a full month? You're giving us guys a bad name, sir. 

6. Technically a guy didn't say this, but sometimes actions speak louder thank words, right?

Definitely not the kind of shot you want, buddy.

7. Where do you think it's coming from!?

Back to 6th grade sex education with you!

8. You don't hear a woman screaming like that at the dentist's office. Just sayin'. 


9. Only a true man can make women bleed, yes. 

A complete misunderstanding of how a period works, yet again. 

10. I feel bad for this dad because his daughter is telling this story about him. That's bad. 

11. Has this man ever heard of babies?

She definitely dodged a bullet. 

12. See? This is how education is failing us. 

Imagine the solidarity, though? It would be both empowering and terrifying. 

13. Like, was this a serious question?

I am honestly curious about what made him think this. 

14. First off, who wears a swimsuit in the shower? 

Secondly, what about showering all together like it's ninth grade gym would be appealing to anyone? 

15. Who let him believe this was true?

How much of his life has he lived thinking anyone was into that? 

16. If only it were that easy. 

That way, people who look terrible with bangs, aka almost everyone,  won't be able to grow them! 

17. This person literally needs to go put their head down on a desk somewhere. 

Really? That isn't how science works! 

18. I think the science is pretty sound on this one, everyone.

Like, seriously?! 

19. Are they, though? 

All evidence to the contrary at this point, tbh. 

We're right with you, Anderson. 

One thing seems to be clear, men need to become more interested in how a woman's body works and sex education classes need to do a better job giving these fools failing grades.

Leave a COMMENT and letting us know your horror story.

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