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Friday, 7 July 2017

16 Lifelong Couples Who Will Teach You About REAL #RelationshipGoals

16 Lifelong Couples Who Will Teach You About REAL #RelationshipGoals

There are a lot of people out there who are pretty jaded about love.
More and more people believe that they'll never find someone who will be with them until the day they die. They basically give up on it and embrace a life of one night stands rather than divorce courts.
But I'm here to argue that no one should give up on love: in this article are the adorable couples that will show you why. They prove that with a little work, and a lot of fun, you can have a partner who will be your best friend, through thick and thin, sickness and health, until death do you part.
1. The man understands that holding a purse doesn't make you less of a man, it makes you more of one.

 2. The best part of getting older? Giving zero effs that people are staring. The only person whose opinion you care about, is already your dance partner.
 3. Love really is blind. And it's adorable.
 4. Love is having someone's hand to hold for your entire life, and as you'll see on the next page, that can be for a long time!
 5. Those that go to Chicago Cubs games together, stay together.
 6. I don't even care that they're seniors, this is genius!
 7. You're never too old to start getting into some yoga! They may want to consider buying some yoga pants though...
 8. This couple got married on the bride's birthday...when she turned 100-years-old! And the groom couldn't be happier, "When I saw her close up, I saw how beautiful she was" he said. I love this story, and adore the next one too!
 9. Teenager PDA has got NOTHING on this adorable couple.
 10. This couple isn't just #relationshipgoals, they're just #humangoals in general!
 11. I need to get these shirts for my parents. What's even cuter is that he stayed with her the whole time.
12. Seriously. I don't know who I'm more impressed with: the man for coming up with this idea, or the woman for agreeing to it.
 13. This couple is the perfect example of #lovewins.
 14. The most amazing part of this photo, is that she looks even happier now than she did in that picture from 71 years ago. Love does exist.
Main image via imgur
Collage images via 1. 9gag 2. MailOnline

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