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Saturday, 1 July 2017

30 Struggles All People With Long Hair Know Too Well

30 Struggles All People With Long Hair Know Too Well

I've had a love/hate relationship with my long hair for as long as I can remember. There was only one time where our relationship turned ugly. It's been four years since "the incident." I couldn't handle it anymore and chopped off all my hair. 
For anyone out there with long hair, I feel you. Here are the everyday struggles of what it's like to have long hair.

1. When you instantly recognize the hell you've put yourself in because you left the house without a hair tie.

 "You did this to yourself. YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELF." – my inner monologue.

Just a lot of swearing at yourself inside while this happens. 

2. When you hate yourself even more because now you don't have something to tie your hair back with when you're eating.

 First of all, is this not the cutest picture ever?
Second of all, don't you hate eating with one hand holding the utensil and the other one holding your hair back?

3. When your hair gets caught in literally everything.

 It gets caught on your backpack strap or your purse or worse...THE DREADED ZIPPER. You're doing this all while having the same expression as Heidi where you're trying to act like everything's okay, but inside you're internally screaming.

4. When your showers are so much longer than everyone else's because you have to deal with all that hair.

And everybody might hate you for using all the hot water, but whatever! It literally takes forever for you just to shampoo your hair!

5. When it takes a lifetime for your hair to air dry.

The worst is when you go to bed with wet hair and wake up with...DAMP HAIR. It takes a good 12 hours for your hair to air dry completely.

6. When it's windy outside and you know it's game over.

 And then once the wind dies down, you're trying to use your fingers to comb through your hair and all you're doing is pulling out your hair from all the knots. 

7. Just kidding. It's game over when it's windy outside AND you're wearing lip gloss.

It's the worst because you wreck your makeup AND your hair. Who wants to be walking around with sticky hair? 
*throws out all lip gloss because it's too painful to deal with*

8. When you spend more time debating whether or not to style your hair than actually styling it.

 You're spending all that time debating and then by the time you've decided, you're late so you just do the usual: put it up in a ponytail or bun!

9. When you decide to curl or straighten it and you start to regret it halfway through because your arms hurt.

 And then you start thinking about how out of shape you are and what a mess you are because you can't even get it together to lead a well-balanced life. And then too much pondering leads to forgetting you're holding a hot metal instrument to your hair.

10. When you're always wondering why you leave your hair long if it ultimately goes into a bun or a ponytail.

 Every day it's the same thing! "Oh, should I try some fancy hairstyle today? LOL, WHO AM I KIDDING? IN A PONYTAIL IT GOES."

11. When you want to buy a top or dress that has fancy detailing on the back but you know it's useless since nobody can see it.


But ultimately, you wear the shirt and forget that nobody can see the back unless you happen to have your hair up that day.

12. When you have a Pinterest board dedicated to long hair hacks or "easy" hairstyles you can do, but you've never actually tried them out.

 Seriously, it's tough even to think about brushing your hair, let alone trying out new things.

13. When you have so many split ends, but you dread going for a haircut because you might be convinced by the hairstylist that going short would look great on you.

 The worst is when you actually start to believe the hairstylist and the hair magazines.

14. When you casually mention in conversation that you're considering chopping all your hair off and everybody around you freaks out.

 "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? It looks so beautiful though! I'd LOVE to have your hair!" Okay, but like, YOU DON'T KNOW THE TRUTH.

15. And for us curly-headed ladies out there who have to answer these questions all the time.

 That's all there is to it, y'all. It's as simple as that. I don't need to brush it or even put anything in it or else all hell breaks loose.

16. When your hair in a messy bun looks like an animal's nest on top of your head.

 Living that bun life, am I right? I'd be impressed if your hair can stay in a bun using only ONE hair tie. 

17. When your hair in a ponytail legit looks like a horse's tail.

 The long hair girl's anthem? It will always be Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair." Just admit it — you've whipped your hair back and forth to this song. 

18. When you freak yourself out because you think a bug's on you, but it's just YOUR OWN HAIR.

 It's the worst when it's just one loose strand that's on your arm and you swear you can feel something crawling on your arm.

19. When you accidentally sit on your own hair.

 Or worse when you're cuddling with your SO and they're on your hair when you try to get up. THE PAIN. OH THE PAIN. It feels like all your hair is getting ripped off. 

20. When it takes forever just to blow dry your hair and you start sweating with all that heat on you

 It takes so long to air dry and blow dry, so might as well just air dry and plop yourself down on the couch to watch some Netflix without damaging your hearing from the loud noise of the hair dryer.

21. When your hair can comfort you and provide for you.

 SAME, GIRL, SAME. It's kind of unbelievable how much food gets stuck in your hair. And it's way too often that you find your hair just dipping into your food as you lean over.

22. When you basically use up a whole bottle of dry shampoo on your hair on those off days. 

 Just a couple of sprays onto your scalp? YEAH, RIGHT. I need to douse myself in it just to get all the grease out. Nice try, Batiste. Nice try.

23. When you get a pit in your stomach as soon as someone starts to roll down the windows and your hair is loose.

 This is not a music video shoot. I'm also not BeyoncĂ©, so I can't handle this amount of wind!

24. When these chairs in school were your worst nightmare. Yeah, you know the chairs.

 I can't even think about it for too long without wanting to just curl up in a ball and cry. You'd rip out your hair and then turn back to see your precious hair stuck. 

25. When everything gets either caught or lost in your hair.

 I'm definitely talking about bobby pins, those small plastic hair ties, and earphones for sure. The worst is when you just quickly rip them out of your ears, but your hair is like, "Yeah, no. Gotta hang out here for a bit."

26. When everybody around you has to suffer with your long hair too. 

 Because why do you have to suffer alone, right? Let's get everybody and their dogs in on this so they really know the truth about having long hair!

27. When you have to vacuum your floors all the time or risk being scared by the sight of your long hair.

 Can one person lose that much hair and still not be considered going bald? It's scary because you think for a second it's some kind of bug, but nope! It's just your hair!

28. When you've officially given the "best friend" bracelet to the lint roller. 

 This is the worst if you love to wear all black because you walk out and realize that nobody can even appreciate your outfit if it's got hair all over it.

29. When you get annoyed that you don't have a selfie stick because you can't get all of your hair into a selfie.

 I mean, if you just spent a good chunk of time styling it, YOU BETTER BE ABLE TO SEE IT IN A SELFIE FOR INSTAGRAM.

30. And finally, when you realize you'd rather deal with this long hair than spend years growing it out after making an impulsive decision to cut it.

Leave a COMMENT and tell us what the worst part about having long hair is!

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