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Thursday 6 July 2017

5 Ridiculous Things I Learned About Women After Dating One Again

5 Ridiculous Things I Learned About Women After Dating One Again

 Well, after a long, desperate time of being single AF, I actually landed myself a girlfriend a couple months ago. Things have been great and we get along together really well, but man — there were a few key things I had totally forgotten in my state of singleness. 
It's just a little after that initial "honeymoon phase" that it all started to come back to me. Mainly that women are as crazy as we all are, just a different kind of crazy that you should be aware of. 
Here are the top five things that I've learned since dating this wonderful, weird woman.

1. They have these things called problems and you've got to listen to them. 

This is very real! Make sure you pay attention to the details because there will be a test after she's done. Also, for god's sake, actually do listen to her and be there for her. Most of the time she doesn't want a solution or an answer, just some straight-up vent session. That helps the most!

2. Putting on makeup takes a loooong time, AND they've got to take it off later, too!

Plan for this. Just because we can go from garbage to gorgeous (I use that term lightly) in a matter of minutes, doesn't mean she can. Do not get upset or even be surprised that the getting ready time is going to be an hour at least. This isn't really news, but it's easy to forget and be late for everything. Oh, and make sure to let her know it's killer!

3. They will breathe fire out their nostrils and rip your head off until they get food — then it's chill. 

This is just human nature, but she will not be afraid to let it out! Keep her fed and full and all should be well.

4. The whole "taking forever at the mall" stereotype seems to check out.

So you gotta find your own way to deal with that. Sometimes you'll feel like you did as a kid, all bored and kicking your feet around, but you know, if you tell her you'll get her something from the food court, you'll make her happy and not have to stand around Macy's for another 90 minutes. You'll figure out something.

5. They can do anything they set their minds to. If they don't set their minds, however, they're all over the place. 

Scatterbrained at one time and super-mega-ultra genius at others. Thing is, she'll probably apply this mentality to figure out everything you've done wrong so far. The good news is that she knows she's crazy, so just have fun with it, make jokes, laugh, and enjoy life! 

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