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Monday 10 July 2017

At Age 15, Her Nose Started To Grow Uncontrollably, And This Is What She Looks Like Today

At Age 15, Her Nose Started To Grow Uncontrollably, And This Is What She Looks Like Today

Adolescence is a difficult time period for most people. Not only are you dealing with hormonal changes that affect how you think and feel, you experience a sudden change in your physical appearance. Everyone has a different experience during this stage of life and one Louisiana woman, Pamela Ichard, transformed in ways that would affect her for decades to come. After spending decades with an advanced form of rosacea that started in her teen years, she has undergone an amazing transformation thanks to the show The Doctors

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Meet Pamela Ichard from Louisiana. 

This picture shows Pamela at roughly 15 years old, when something started to happen to her face that she couldn't control in any way. 

As Pamela began going through adolescence, she developed heavy acne and noticed that the quality of her skin began to degrade. 

“Puberty set in, acne set in — it got to be really bad. The bumps became purple, and red, sometimes tissue would come out of it," she explained in an appearance on the television show The Doctors

 When Pamela's second child arrived, she noticed that her nose started to change shape. 
 Ever since her nose growth started, it has never stopped. 

"From that point on, my nose continued to swell up," she said on The Doctors

It would be more than 30 years until she finally got the help she needed for this condition...

Here is Pamela at the age of 46. 

She was suffering from an advanced form of rosacea called rhinophyma. The cause of this condition is unknown, but it commonly develops after rosacea begins on the face between the ages of 25 and 50. “The doctor would prescribe me different types of medicine, but nothing worked,” she explained
 The condition has had an enormous effect on Pamela's quality of life: "It has stopped me from leaving the house. I had anxiety for a long time." 

"There's gotta be a cure for this, there's just gotta be. I just wanted to look normal," she desperately explained on the show. 

Pamela appeared on a 2016 episode of The Doctors to describe her experience with such an unfortunate medical condition. 
 After being interviewed about her case of rhinophyma, Pamela was offered free surgery by Dr. Ann Zedlitz to correct the growth of her nose!

Both laser and other surgical procedures would be used to change its shape. Her reaction to this news was priceless...

 Pamela was overtaken by emotion when given this incredible news.

She was more than ready to make this important change in her life. 

 How kind is that?!

Here is a picture of Pamela's nose shortly before undergoing life-changing surgery.

Let's see her after the procedure!

Amazing! I barely recognize her. These photos are from a recent appearance on the show. When asked how she feels now, she said, "I'm excited about the new me."

"I no longer hide behind my hair," she added. 

Stunning, right?

A side shot of her progress really demonstrates how much Dr. Zedlitz actually did to her nose. 

These few pictures don't do her justice, let's see some more...

The results are hard to believe really. 

Pamela literally couldn't contain her smile. 

It's hard for us to imagine from the outside the burden she had to live with over some of the most formative periods of her life. 

Dr. Ann Zedlitz has a message for those suffering from rhinophyma...

Dr. Zedlitz wants others to know that if they also suffer from this condition, treatment options are available. Remarkably, she was able to transform Pamela's nose in just three months! 

Luckily for this rhinophyma patient, surgical intervention made the world of difference. 

It's also never too late to have corrective surgery. 

Here is another amazing transformation. 

Do you know anyone who suffers from rhinophyma?

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h/t YouTube / The Doctors

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