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Sunday 23 July 2017

Mom Posts Story Claiming Children Almost Fell Victim To Human Traffickers At IKEA

Mom Posts Story Claiming Children Almost Fell Victim To Human Traffickers At IKEA

The primary concern of any parent out there is to keep your children safe. It's a crazy world and, unfortunately, there are dangerous people out there – and at some point you may run into them when you least expect it. Diandra Toyos had a scary run-in with some suspicious characters during a regular day out with her children at IKEA and she is warning other parents out there to be vigilant. You have to read Diandra's story and let us know what you think about her message to the public. 
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When people take a trip to IKEA, they usually plan on having a relaxed time out to look at furniture and spend time with their family.  

Recently, mother of three Diandra Toyos took a trip to a southern California IKEA with her children and her own mother, and it was less than a relaxed outing. 

She recently took to Facebook to describe the very suspicious behavior of other "shoppers" she noticed in the store and who she thinks they were. 

Diandra posted this picture of her and her children at IKEA and told the entire story in a lot of detail. 

After describing having heard other similar experiences to hers, she started going through the events of that day. "A few days ago, my mom and I took the kids (I have 3 kids. A daughter who is 4, and two sons, 1.5 years and 7 weeks) to IKEA. We enjoy going and it's always nice to get the kids out of the house! We went specifically to look at couches," she wrote.  

As the kids enjoyed themselves trying out several couches in the store, Diandra noticed something odd. 

"After a few minutes, I noticed a well-dressed, middle-aged man circling the area, getting closer to me and the kids. At one point he came right up to me and the boys, and instinctively I put myself between [him] and my mobile son. I had a bad feeling," she described.

Diandra kept an eye on the suspicious man and noticed even more peculiar behavior. 

 "He continued to circle the area, staring at the kids. He occasionally picked something up, pretending to look at it but looking right over at us instead."

After following her son into a display room nearby, that's when she realized the man could be following her. 

"My mom said she watched as the older man dropped what he was doing and quickly and closely followed us into the area," said Diandra.  What happened next was troubling to her. "At the same time, she noticed another man dressed more casually and in his 20s. He wasn't looking at us, but was walking the same circling pattern around us as the first man," she added

"We sat in one of the little display rooms. For close to 30 minutes. And they sat too."

“They sat down on one of the couches on the display floor that faced us. That was when we knew our gut feeling was right and something was off."

Okay, yeah this would be considered pretty suspicious I would say. 

It was clear to Diandra and her mother that they were being tracked or followed.

“They sat the whole time we sat and stood up right as we got up," Diandra wrote

They were finally able to lose the individuals after talking to an employee and going to the bathroom.

In Diandra's post she then went on to warn others about the risk they could be in. 

“I am almost sure that we were the targets of human trafficking. This is happening all over. Including the United States," she wrote. "Please PLEASE be aware when you're out with your children. It's not the time to be texting or facebooking or chatting on the phone. When you're in a public place with your kids, please be aware and present so that you don't become a victim," she added.

While the situation is yet to be investigated, there is no doubt that the behavior Diandra noticed seemed suspicious. What do you think about her claim that the men were human traffickers?

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h/t The Sun

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