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Sunday 27 August 2017

16 Amazing Makeup Transformations

16 Amazing Makeup Transformations

If there's one thing I learned from Instagram, it's that I should never underestimate the power of makeup. Who knew contouring could be so powerful? If you don't believe me, then take a look at these 16 before-and-after makeup transformations. They are quite amazing! 

1. Beautiful before and after!

 2. It's so crazy that this transformation made her look so much younger. 

Didn't I tell you that makeup is powerful? 

 3. In this case, makeup makes this girl look a bit older. 

She looks stunning! 

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 4. Those brows look so real! 

I would have never guessed that they're drawn on. 

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 5. Can we just take a moment to appreciate her eyeshadow? 

It's a work of art! 

 6. Flawless

Before and after. 

 7. What a difference! 

I especially love that lip color. 

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 8. Makeup isn't just about covering up. 

It's a great way to enhance your features. 

 9. Aside from her makeup looking amazing...

How real do these contact lenses look? 

 10. She looks just like a princess!

So regal. 

 11. That contour, though!

Also, that blue eyeshadow is such a beautiful pop of color.  

 12. I'm obsessed with her freckles!

Whether she's natural or has her face beaten to perfection, she still looks gorgeous. Work it! 

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 13. What a brow transformation!
 14. These dark under-eyes are concealed perfectly. 

There is not one trace of darkness. 

 15. This is my favorite transformation!

Color-correcting on point. 

 16. Can he do makeup or what? 

His lip gloss is definitely popping! 

Which makeover is your favorite? Comment to let us know! 

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