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Thursday 17 August 2017

A Guy Tries To Call Out Google For That Memo And Still Ends Up Getting Schooled

A Guy Tries To Call Out Google For That Memo And Still Ends Up Getting Schooled

Google made headlines for all the wrong reasons earlier this month after an anti-diversity, sexist memo that originated from within the company surfaced online.
The tech monolith did their part by condemning the memo and firing the employee who wrote it, but the story is hardly over.
It's disappointing to see that some people agree with the content of the memo...but it's awesome to see these people get thoroughly shut down.

First, some background.

The whole thing was big news but in case you've been living under a rock, here's the Cliff's Notes version...
Basically, a Google engineer sent an internal memo (that later leaked) stating that there were more men than women in tech for biological reasons, and that diversity should not be a goal for a company like Google.
Google owned up to the memo, said they weren't down with it, fired the engineer and shot him directly into the sun in a rocket (probably, maybe).

It hasn't blown over yet.

Yes, surprise surprise, high-profile sexism tends to cause arguments online.
Economist Eric Weinstein sent out a tweet, mansplaining to Google that women (like his daughter, apparently) should just grin and bear it when it comes to sexism in the workplace.

Oh yes, there was clapback...

Since Weinstein wrote a snarky "letter" to Google, many people replied with "letters" back to Weinstein.
Thx for the inspiration, Eric.

Some of the responses were less snarky and more to-the-point.

This user treats the whole thing as a teachable moment, and also sends Eric Weinstein his love! 

But what do women think?

Believe it or not, they're not supportive of sexism in the workplace! Unsurprisingly, many women are a little bit sensitive to this because they experience this kind of sexism on a routine basis.

Why are women so mad? Don't they make the same as men?

Yeah. About that
It's kind of a double whammy: Many women have to deal with sexism at work and being pigeonholed into stereotypically "female" professions... and they don't even get to make as much money as a man doing the same job!

This tweet cuts to the heart of the matter.

Sexism is sexism, even if there are women in your life who you love and cherish.
Having a daughter doesn't automatically make you woke. Teaching her that she can't do stuff just because she's a girl is a great way to crush her dreams.

At this point, the whole controversy goes beyond Google.

Remember, they responded pretty quickly once the memo leaked. But the backlash, and backlash to the backlash, has a way of persisting in the online echo chamber.
It's always important to remember that women face challenges in the workplace that their male colleagues don't have to deal with. This isn't propaganda, it's a fact.
So be compassionate, don't make assumptions based on gender, and think before you tweet out there, folks. 

What's your take on the anti-diversity memo, Google's response, this guy's response to Google's response, and everybody's response to this guy's response to Google's response? 
Tell us in the comments!

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