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Sunday 6 August 2017

When You Invite The Obamas To Your Wedding, Apparently You Get An Awesome Reply

When You Invite The Obamas To Your Wedding, Apparently You Get An Awesome Reply

You just know that a classy, fun-loving couple like the Obamas would make any wedding lit, so it's not really a surprise that people would try to invite them.

Brooke Allen's mom sent the former first couple an invitation to her wedding just for fun, never really expecting a reply — but she got one. Brooke just had to share the news on Twitter.

All caps, you think she's excited? It's a seriously classy note that takes care to not say "no" outright while still wishing the happy couple well.

And Brooke's mom couldn't help getting a little Trump shade in there while she was at it. 

It didn't take long for people to start sharing all the cool things they'd been sent by the Obamas to mark their big life events as well. 

This letter to a high school grad, for example, is just awesome. I wish I'd gotten anything half as inspiring for my grad. Also, grammar nerds take note: the Obamas use the Oxford comma, as is right and proper.

Another person shared the letter they'd gotten from the Obamas after her daughter was born.

Barack has a great legacy with kids, too. Check out the Obama White House archives and see for yourself. 

It's not even big events, either. When one girl sent in a drawing of the White House, she got this wonderful letter in reply.

You've gotta love these two — they clearly love the American people, take joy in their lives, and take time to help them celebrate all the great moments in life.

Class acts, all the way.

That said, maybe they would have come to the wedding if Biden had been going?

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