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Sunday, 10 September 2017

10 Things You Only Notice As An Adult About 'The Little Mermaid'

10 Things You Only Notice As An Adult About 'The Little Mermaid'

Watching a movie from your youth as an adult is a totally different experience. The movie probably seemed a lot more dramatic then. It may also have seemed a lot better.  
I watched The Little Mermaid the other day, and it was definitely different than what I remembered when I was young. There are things I noticed that I didn't catch when I was a kid. These things also kind of ruined the movie for me.
Can I be a kid again? It was so much easier... 

1. Why do all of Ariel's sisters have their hair up but she doesn't? 

I mean, it does make Ariel stand out more, and this movie is all about her, which kind of makes sense

2. Speaking of her sisters, they ALL have have a matching shell bra and tail. 

Of course, they all do. All of them except Ariel, that is. Her purple shell bra and green mermaid tail are so much cuter than her sisters' looks. 

3. Why can't Ariel just write Eric a letter?

When Ursula is coming up with her contract, Ariel reads it and even signs her name, which proves she can read and write! 

So instead of being dramatic and giving up her voice and tail, she can just write Eric a letter and explain her situation. 

But then, there wouldn't have been a movie. 

4. How soft is her hair?

Her hair looks so soft and luscious, and that's proven when she uses a dinglehopper to brush it. If I did that, it would get stuck in my hair. So, basically, Ariel has no knots in her hair. Must be nice. *sigh*

5. How do all the sea creatures get along so well?

It's so sweet that they can all sing with one another, but really? What do they eat? Some of them are carnivorous, right? Still, I love the fantasy undersea world they live in. 

6. Why is the chef so aggressive? 

I mean, maybe he is just really passionate about the food he's making. But he just becomes so obsessed with coming after Sebastian. Leave that crab alone! 

7. I know that Ariel has an obsession with land and humans, but why would you give up a mermaid tail for legs?

Being a mermaid is so magical, and if you are one, that pretty much means you are a chosen one.

8. How does she give up her tail and voice that easily to Ursula? 

All that for Eric? I think it's pretty obvious that she fell head over heels for Eric pretty fast. Maybe too fast...

9. Now that she's traded in her tail for legs, isn't it going to be tough for her to visit her family?

Does she have to go to the edge of the sea to visit them or get some scuba diving equipment? Think about it!

10. And, of course, I ask the age-old question that has been on my mind forever. How are mermaids made? 

I'm still waiting on my parents to explain it to me. So confusing. I need a diagram.

Not going to lie — watching this film will never be the same again. 

I feel like I'm going to notice even more stuff the next time I watch it.  
What things have you noticed? Comment to let us know! 

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