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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Bring Hogwarts Home With This Magical 'Harry Potter' Decor Collection

Bring Hogwarts Home With This Magical 'Harry Potter' Decor Collection

The true Harry Potter fans know that our love is not just a phase. This obsession with the book and movie series will continue on forever. And that is why the smartest companies know to continue putting out Harry Potter-inspired collections for beauty products, fashion items, and now decor.
PBteen just released the most magical decor collection. Don't walk, don't run, but fly on your broomstick to the nearest PBteen to get this stuff. Or, you know, just head on over to your laptop and buy everything online the Muggle way.

Let's get started with the beautiful bedding that PBteen offers. Get scared at night often? Sleep in these Patronus bedsheets that will protect you from anything. 

 The magical stags, owls, and Hippogriffs will scare away the nightmares you've been having since It has become so popular.

Or you can fall asleep defending the honor of Hogwarts with the Hogwarts house-themed bedding.  

 The website offers even more bedding options, don't worry!

Unfortunately, Time Turners don't exist in real life, but at least you can keep time with this gorgeous Golden Snitch clock!

Lounge in bed while you're studying with these Hogwarts house lapdesks. Bonus: You can hide your secrets in these, too.

Illuminate your room with this table lamp that resembles Harry's trusted snowy owl, Hedwig.

You can now use the Mirror of Erised to see what you want most in life. You can even store your jewelry in it!

You can now secretly explore all over Hogwarts with this Marauder's Map pillow. 

Nothing is more magical than glow-in-the-dark pillows.

Get comfy on the couch to debate whether Snape was a good or bad person with Hogwarts house throws and pillows. 

Who says you can only rep your Hogwarts house within your home? Say it loud and proud with these backpacks.

Drink up your Butterbeer or pumpkin juice with these adorable tumblers!

Everything in this collection is absolutely magical. Make sure to get your hands on these items before they sell out! SHARE if you love Harry Potter!

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