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Sunday 10 September 2017

Shraddha Kapoor's fashion sense Pictures to instagram

Shraddha Kapoor's fashion sense Pictures to instagram

When it comes to her movies, one can always expect a decent performance from Shraddha Kapoor. The same, however, cannot be said about her fashion sense. From wearing garish chappals to dead-boring pantsuits, this actor has given us more fashion duds than one can imagine.

Recently we saw her in a stunning, blue dress, and hoped that the Haseena Parkar-actor has managed to up her fashion quotient exponentially. These hopes were dashed to the ground the moment we saw Shraddha's latest outfit.

During the promotions of her upcoming movie, the 30-year-old actor donned an ensemble that left us more than just confused. You might have seen chic shirt dresses, and sizzling sheer or net dresses. But have you seen a mash-up of both

That's precisely what Shraddha gave us with her outfit, and proved that the combination was an utter failure in her case.

A loose, white T-shirt with rolled-up sleeves was paired with a black, net skirt to create this ensemble. The mustard and black stripes on the side of the skirt are simply incomprehensible!

The chunky and studded belt that you can see latched on to her upper waist fails to add any allure to the outfit. The fit of the dress is unflattering, and the mismatched shirt-skirt combo falls depressingly flat.


A look at her top knot and stilettos, and one starts imagining how much better they would have paired with another outfit. The fresh-faced look that Shraddha's hairdo and minimalist makeup convey would have been smashing with a cool summer dress.

But then we'd be going into the zone of "what if", which is exactly where we have always been while observing this talented actor's horrible fashion sense.

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