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Friday 1 September 2017

Two Hero Dogs Deserve All The Treats After Saving Two Kids From A Venomous Snake

Two Hero Dogs Deserve All The Treats After Saving Two Kids From A Venomous Snake

Melissa Butt was sitting in the backyard of her Florida home watching her two grandchildren play when she noticed her dogs starting to behave strangely. They began barking at the nearby long grass and then one of the dogs lunged. That's when Melissa saw the deadly predator just feet away from the kids...

Most people probably wouldn’t feel particularly safe around two dogs named Slayer and Paco. 

You certainly might hesitate to leave your kids around them. But this grandmother knew her dogs were good dogs and happily let her small grandchildren play in the backyard with them. Now she is really happy she did.

Melissa’s two grandchildren, aged four and one, were playing with Slayer and Paco in their Florida backyard when the two dogs started barking wildly.

Melissa raced outside and saw her two dogs standing between the children and a deadly snake.

The children were rushed inside and the dogs took on the snake.

Both dogs were bitten but were ultimately victorious. 

Even after he was bitten, Slayer grabbed the deadly snake between his teeth and killed it. 

The hero dogs were raced to the emergency vet. 

It was 40 minutes away and the dogs’ conditions were beginning to worsen. 

Happily they made it in time and now, thanks to the immediate lifesaving treatment they received, both dogs are recovering well.  

But being a superhero canine doesn’t come cheap. 

The family was left with large vet bills, which they would struggle to pay. So Melissa contacted Frankie’s Friends, a nonprofit organization that helps cover large medical costs for pets, and they lent the family a helping hand.

According to Melissa, the whole episode has left her filled with gratitude. 

Her dogs stepped up when her family needed protecting, and her community stepped up with financial assistance. Turns out, there are many, many heroes in this story. 

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