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Friday 13 October 2017

12 Couples So Cute You Just Might Puke

12 Couples So Cute You Just Might Puke

Everyone likes being cute with their S.O. from time to time, but some people are literally relentless! Seriously, some couples are so cute I might start vomiting out every hole of my body like a freshly squeezed sponge.
Maybe you're into that kind of thing — the cute stuff, I mean, not the vomit — and that's cool too. But for me, these couples are so cute it's almost gross! 

1. The only time my girlfriend gasses me up is when she farts on me in bed. 

I mean, it's a selfie, girl. I know you love him, but dang, relax. 

2. Okay, maybe selfies are more important in a relationship than I give them credit for. 

But this is kind of driving me crazy! Your dash is important. Pay attention, dude!

3. Ah, gawd, yes — okay, this is friggin' adorable! But there is such a thing as too adorable, right?

This is like Shakespeare, but I doubt Shakespeare was good enough to come up with "ghetto bouquet." 

4. So, I guess these just prove that you really don't need a lot of money to show affection? 

Dang, try telling that to my girlfriend! I'm a dead man just for writing this.

5. Look at the cleverness of these two! That's a ballsy move, with an amazing payoff.

I don't know which is sweeter, the couple or the dessert! The dessert is more tolerable, though.

6. Another spin on the fake proposal/dessert combo, but this one here really combines the two.

Your ring is your dessert! Who doesn't want something like that after a long day?

7. Then there's this real proposal that's just too perfect!

From the beautiful art gallery to their outfits to that lady's incredible reaction. Oh my tits, these two are goals AF!

8. And you just know everyone on this list is going to grow old together and end up like these two! 

Matching your dang outfits every day? I can't even match my socks!

9. Some guys do the smallest things and get the most love for doing it. 

Girls really appreciate stuff like this, guys. It might not seem like a big deal to you, but it's huge to them!

10. Seriously, put their faces on everything you freakin' own and they'll love you forever and ever and blahhhhrp.

Sorry, definitely almost puked out all the cuteness again just now. Yikes.

11. Sure, my girlfriend makes me cry too... Just for very, very different reasons. 

I'm just kidding, she's great. Which is a sentence I have to include in this article, according to our contract. 

12. And if you can commission an artist to do a huge painting of you two, well, obviously go for it!

I just hope the paint doesn't run when people throw up all over it from the cuteness overload!

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