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Sunday, 15 October 2017

16 Pics That Left Us Wondering 'Who Did This?'

16 Pics That Left Us Wondering 'Who Did This?'

Every now and then, we'll come across someone's hilarious handiwork. Whether it's on the internet or in real life, someone clearly saw opportunity knock and arranged the things around them into something magical.
Sometimes these things are mean, sometimes they're clever little references, and sometimes we don't know what to think. Regardless, they all make us ask ourselves "WHO DID THIS?" Add whatever emojis make sense for you, but that about sums it up, right?
So let's have a look at what these 20 mystery smartasses were able to put together.

1. I do not condone this, but I can't deny that the "sike" kinda got to me.

I guess it still counts if you're asking "who the fuck did this?"

2. Well, at least they told you exactly what would happen. 

I hope I'm never so bored that this sounds like a good idea.

 3. That baby doesn't seem too thrilled with her situation.

Well, it's actually kinda hard to tell 'cause those big-ass fake lashes are blocking her eyes, but yeah...

 4. It's always nice to get a little insight into how these people see the world.

Who knew you could right wrongs with just a piece of chalk?

 5. Sometimes, "who did this" takes a backseat to "how'd they do this?"

I'm guessing they didn't use a real picture of their little scambox?

 6. Hahaha, whoever made these is onto something great here.

I feel like half the parties I go to can be described as "happy fucking whatevers."

 7. He may not bite, but I still don't wanna hang around for whatever he actually does.
 8. I don't have anything to say that isn't just sobbing, but yeah, this is accurate.
 9. I'd ask who did this, but I really wanna believe they did it themselves.

'Cause this seems like the beginning of a magical adventure.

 10. Daaaaamn, someone knew exactly what they were doing here.

I think they should legitimately put them on the shelf like this. If that doesn't help sales, nothing will.

 11. Hahaha, well I guess I can't argue with that.

I'm not sure how this took the crown of the most important image, but I think we're all richer for it.

 12. I bet that right at this moment, there's at least one Disney store where this is going on.

I think that's the real circle of life, mannnn.

 13. Well, that's stuck in my head now, so thanks for that, I guess.

Wait, shit. A lot of you are probably saying the same thing to me right now.

 14. Damn, I wish there was a part of me someone could turn into a muppet.

Like, I would seriously get Ernie's face tattooed there if my belly button looked like this.

 15. I don't know, man, it seems pretty hard to miss to me.

If you're used to seeing people with identical faces in sunglasses pull up, maybe it's time to exit the Matrix.

 16. So I guess this is what happens when you mix Ed Edd n Eddywith Dexter.

You really don't wanna fuck with him when he uses that angry one at the bottom.

 17. Whoever put these here knew exactly what they were doing.

All of that's gonna sell out in record time now.

 18. Hahaha, it's probably the store itself 'cause this would totally work on me.

They better actually have Pokémon stuff in there, though. If they don't, I'm starting one hell of a protest.

 19. If they're really smart, they'll just keep making new editions of this. 

I mean, it's gonna be out of date in like two weeks anyway.

 20. No matter where this is, it's probably accurate.

I definitely don't know anyone who hustles like SpongeBob.

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