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Monday 9 October 2017

22 Pictures That Prove Your DNA Is Amazing

22 Pictures That Prove Your DNA Is Amazing

When my two children were born, the first thing I realized was that every family member wanted to say how much the babies look like them. Yeah sure, most related family members resemble each other a bit, but it is pretty rare to see a full out doppelganger. Every once in a while though, a person's DNA seems to push through and reappear as a clone in later generations. 
Marvel at these 22 cases where DNA showed how powerful it can really be. You will freak out at how similar some of these relatives look to one another. 
COMMENT on Facebook with the pair that shocked you the most. # 17 literally made me spit my coffee out.
1. This daughter (left) and father (right) look stunningly similar! 
 2. A son on the left (2014) and father on the right (1977).
 3. A mother (left) and daughter (right) both at four months old.

Matching smiles :)

 4. Father (left), daughter (right).

They have the same great smile and curly hair!

 5. Father on the left (1978) and son on the right (2013).
 6. Reese Witherspoon (right) and her daughter Ava Phillippe (left).
 7. A grandfather (left) and granddaughter (right)!

These genes definitely skipped over a generation.

 8. A mother (left) and daughter (right). 

1980 and now 2014! 

 9. Two blonde clones. Father on the left, son on right.
 10. Blythe Danner (left) and her daughter Gwyneth Paltrow (right).
 11. A mother on the left (age 26) and her daughter 34 years later on the right (age 23) at Stonehenge. 
 12. A father (left) and son (right) holding their boys at the same age (29 years old with two week-old sons).
 13. A mother on the left and her daughter.

I think their eyes are the most striking similarity.

 14. A daughter on the left (3rd grade) and her mother in 2nd grade on the right.
 15. Like father (left), like son (right). Both a father and son who served in the Air Force greeting their sons.
 16. Kate Moss (right) and her daughter Lila Grace Moss (left).

For me, it's their mouths that look the same. What do you think? Let us know in a Facebook comment.

 17. Father (left) and son (right) both at 25 years old.
 18. Brad Pitt (left) and his son John Jolie-Pitt (right).

Shiloh definitely got the lips from his mama though.

 19. A mother (left) and daughter (right) with the same smile and eyes. 

These pictures were taken 25 years apart!

 20. Cindy Crawford (middle) made a clone daughter (far left).
 21. Mother (left) and daughter (right) 41 years apart.
 22. Father (left) and daughter (right) showing some inter-generational drama :)
Now go COMMENT on Facebook with the ones you found most shocking! I really want to know what you all think.
Main image via reddit / -Summer-is-Rad-
Collage image via reddit / shaylybri

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