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Thursday 5 October 2017

After Having Acid Poured On Face, Woman Defies Odds And Shows True Beauty

After Having Acid Poured On Face, Woman Defies Odds And Shows True Beauty

If you asked someone out and they turned you down, you’d probably feel disappointed and maybe even sad. When rejected, some people get angry. So angry that they say cruel things and will even act out in anger. Let’s just say that’s not any way to get a date.
There are women and even children all over the world being attacked for turning down men. These women and children are being left severely disfigured, fighting for their lives, or dead. This is a problem that has been happening for years in the form of acid attacks, and victims have had enough. One woman in particular is standing up to prove that women are beautiful fighters and they will not stop spreading awareness until action is taken.

In 2014, then 17-year-old Reshma Bano Qureshi was visiting her hometown in Uttar Pradesh.

Her brother-in-law and his friends met her at the railway station and threw acid in her face.

Her brother-in-law had mistook her for her older sister because they were both wearing burqas.

She lost an eye, and her face was severely scarred after the attack.

 Reshma fell into a world of darkness.

There was little help for her, and she started having suicidal thoughts.

 But then she met Ria Sharma, the founder of Make Love Not Scars.

Ria helped Reshma with her depression and supported her as Reshma made the decision to go out in public and not cover her face.

 In 2015, the organization started the #EndAcidSale campaign and Reshma became their ambassador.

That same year they released a makeup tutorial with Reshma as the star. 

 She explained how to apply the perfect red lips and also the most important factor, where to get it.

“You’ll find red lipstick easily in the market just like concentrated acid.” 

 The campaign is showing just how easy it is to buy acid and that we need to take it off the shelves.

This is still a work in progress as there are 500 to 1,000 acid attacks in India each year.

 Reshma wants to show the world and other acid attack survivors that they are not weak and will not hide.

That’s why the now 19-year-old walked the runway on the first day of the New York Fashion Week.

 Nervous at first, the teen dominated the runway.

“I want to tell the world – do not see us in a weak light and see that even we can go out and do things.”

 The day Reshma walked the runway was also the same day a man was sentenced to death for throwing acid at a 24-year-old woman after she refused to marry him.

“People have a tendency to look at acid attack survivors from one perspective and I don’t want them to look at them like that anymore,” said Reshma.

 By walking during Fashion Week, Reshma has put herself in a powerful spotlight.

“Why should we not enjoy our lives? What happened to us is not our fault and we’ve done nothing wrong and so we should also move forward in life.”

In a single moment, she became an image of hope for acid attack survivors.

“I do feel brave.”
For more information on Make Love Not Scars and how you can help bring an end to acid attacks, visit their website or Instagram.

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