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Tuesday 17 October 2017

Fans Noticed That We've Seen This Character Before On 'Riverdale,' And We're Shook

Fans Noticed That We've Seen This Character Before On 'Riverdale,' And We're Shook

Season Two of Riverdale just got started, but fan theories are already popping up online. 
The first episode, which aired on October 11th, was just as dramatic and suspenseful as fans expected, but there was one detail that you probably missed...
Spoilers below, obviously.

At the end of the Season Two premiere, we finally saw what happened to Miss Grundy, Archie's former music teacher.

She's a garbage human who had an illegal relationship with the underaged Archie Andrews.
Since leaving Riverdale, she doesn't seem to have changed. We see her kissing another young student named Ben before she's (most likely) killed by the Angel of Death

But some eagle-eyed fans noticed that we've actually seen Ben before. 

Ben worked at the concession stand at the drive-in movie theater. 
We last saw him in "The Last Picture Show" when Kevin ordered some snacks before meeting Joaquin for the first time. 

Here he is with Miss Grundy: 

And since this is Riverdale, fans are wondering if this second appearance is related to this season's mystery. 

According to Moses Thiessen's Instagram, even he doesn't know what's in store for the character he plays. 
I mean, pretty much everyone is a suspect on this show ATM. 

While the actor isn't listed on IMDb as appearing in more episodes, we wouldn't be surprised if we saw him again.

He was the last person to see Miss Grundy alive, so it's totally possible that Sheriff Keller would call him in for questioning. 
The next episode can't come fast enough! 

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