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Wednesday 18 October 2017

Guess Which Show Netflix Says We All Binge-Watched In 24 Hours?

Guess Which Show Netflix Says We All Binge- Watched In 24 Hours?

In case you weren't aware, Netflix keeps track of everything we watch. Specifically, they know what we binge-watch. They're watching us binge-watch. They're binge-watching us binge-watch.
OK, maybe not that last one. 

The #1 binge-watched Netflix show of 2016 was Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

According to Netflix, this means that the Gilmore Girls revival was the show most completed within 24 hours — globally.
However, we should take into account that A Year in the Life was only four parts long and totaled six hours and ten minutes.
And let's be honest: six hours is peanuts for any true Netflix binger.

Marvel's The Defenders was also binged at lightning speed.

The superhero crossover show ranked #1 in South Korea, while Fuller House and Trailer Park Boys took the top spot for 24-hour binging in Ecuador and Canada, respectively.

It's a little surprising that Stranger Things didn't make the list.

While Stranger Things has a massive fanbase, perhaps the show couldn't beat out the nostalgic draw that came with the Gilmore Girls, Full House, and Trailer Park Boys revivals.
And unlike Marvel's The DefendersStranger Things didn't have prequel shows to increase the hype of its release.
However, the second season of Stranger Things might be a worthy contender.

"Binge racers" are what Netflix calls people who finish shows within 24 hours.

And according to Netflix's data, the most binge racers are located in Canada and the U.S.
Well, yeah, 'cause we're busy people. 
Super busy...

But let's not forget the point here: Gilmore Girls rules.

Regardless of whether you liked the revival, it was the caffeine-obsessed mother-daughter duo from Stars Hollow that drew us in once more.
And at the very least, the Gilmore Girls were worthy of at least a quarter of the hours in our day.

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