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Saturday 21 October 2017

Man Goes On Permanent Vacation For Half Of Every Year

Man Goes On Permanent Vacation For Half Of Every Year

Work is tough. Everyone needs to pay the bills, but almost no one really wants to go to work. Apart from the respite of weekends and the occasional vacation time, it's something that most of us have to do every day for years on end. What if there was another way? It can entail sacrifices, but one man is showing the world that it is indeed possible to minimize work and live the life you want to live.

This is "Benedict", or "Ultra Romance".

He won't disclose his actual name, but he's a 35-year-old from Connecticut.

Benedict says he finds the concept of going in to work every day "unnatural".

It's a concept we can all agree with, right?

 Benedict does work—but only for about six months a year.

He likes his job as a fishing guide on a charter boat well enough, but only does it for about half the year. For the other six months, he travels and explores the world.

 The price of wanderlust doesn't have to be high.

When he's traveling, Benedict lives on about $10 a day, so he lives a very modest and simple life.

 Minimalism is key to this lifestyle. 

All he needs is his trusty bike and some camping gear.

 Benedict says he learned years ago that a conventional lifestyle was not for him. 

"I went to college and got the degree and was trying to be a PE teacher or a personal trainer and do the hustle right out of college," he told Business Insider. "Then it was like, 'I gotta get a house, I'm 24, I got all these student loans' ... Before you know it, things work out and you meet the right girl and you settle down and buy the house and have the mortgage payment and the cars. But ultimately that was not going to be me."

Although he's not sure how much he makes on the fishing boat, it isn't much.

Benedict estimates his yearly income at around $10,000.

 But it's more than enough, if you're willing to drastically change your lifestyle the way Benedict has.

He says he models himself on early hunter-gatherers, who spent time devoted to acquiring resources, and then had leisure time until the next gathering period—a far different mentality than working five days a week, every week.

 He still embraces technology.

In addition to his aforementioned bicycle, Benedict has a lively social media presence and admits that he loves places like Whole Foods.

 "Peasant foods" are the way to go.

Convenience food is expensive, but there's plenty of nutrition to be found in the natural world. Benedict does a lot of foraging for his greens, and enjoys delicacies like crab when he's near a coast.

 He lives like a true nomad.

Benedict has always had the travel itch, and estimates that in the past 15 years, he's never stayed in one place for more than six months.

 Is the nomadic life right for you?

Full-time work isn't all bad—it provides money to buy the things we want, after all. But for anyone who's burnt out on the grind of modern life and willing to make a big change, Benedict shows us that it is indeed possible. You can follow him on Instagram here.

h/t Business Insider 

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