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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Signs You're In A Relationship That Will Last

Signs You're In A Relationship That Will Last

One of the biggest things we ask ourselves when we start dating is whether or not the relationship will last. When you're in love and can imagine a future with your partner, this question becomes even more important.
Luckily, there are signs you can look for in your relationship, and while they aren't 100% guarantees, they are good signs that you have something special that will last.

1. You feel like a team.

No one feels like they're putting in more effort than the other person is. You are equal and you work together. You truly feel like you are in sync with each other's thoughts, wants, needs, and feelings.

2. You share the same values.

You may disagree from time to time, but you are able to hear each other out and you learn to compromise. 

3. You both consider each other when thinking about your futures.

It's not just your future or theirs. It's yours. A huge sign things are heading in the right direction is when you both look to the future and include each other.

4. There are the little things that remind you they love you.

Grand gestures are nice but it's really all about the little things. Look for the moments that you can tell they are thinking about you that others might not notice.

5. You can fight and make it through.

Couples who don't fight don't know how to resolve conflict. If you have argued and fought with your partner and are still with them and love them, you have the makings for a lasting relationship.

6. You can be apart.

It's normal to want to be together all the time, but it's not always possible. Couples who can still live their own lives separately know how to be independent and not rely on each other for happiness. 

7. You know how to be quiet together.

Couples who are in serious relationships are comfortable sitting in silence. There doesn't always have to be conversation or words just to fill space and time.

8. You can talk about anything.

At the same time, you can have a conversation about pretty much anything. You both enjoy hearing what the other has to say. There is never too little or too much to say.

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