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Sunday, 8 October 2017

This Adidas Model Is Being Shamed For Her Unshaven Legs

This Adidas Model Is Being Shamed For Her Unshaven Legs

Model Arvida Byström recently appeared in an Adidas campaign that featured her unshaven legs.
Because we live in a society where women are told they must be hair-free, the reactions to the advertisement were disappointingly negative.

Arvida Byström appeared in an Adidas Superstar Campaign and even though she had a positive message to spread, people still shamed her for not shaving her legs.

She spoke about femininity in the ad, and the message clearly wasn't heard by some.

"I think femininity is usually created from our culture, so I think everybody can do feminine things, can be feminine, and I feel like in today's society we're very scared of that," she explained.

She noticed the negative comments she was receiving, some so terrible that being called "disgusting" would be considered tame.

Her response was pretty amazing.

She wrote in an Instagram post, "My photo from the @adidasoriginals superstar campaign got a lot of nasty comments last week. Me being such an abled, white, cis body with its only nonconforming feature being a lil leg hair. Literally I've been getting rape threats in my DM inbox. I can't even begin to imagine what it's like to not posses all these privileges and try to exist in the world. Sending love and try to remember that not everybody has the same experiences being a person 🌎

Also thanks for all the love 🌹got a lot of that too ❤️❤️❤️❤️"

We're so happy that she's standing up for herself and encouraging girls to live how they want to. 

If that means tossing the razor out, then we're so here for that.
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