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Saturday 21 October 2017

This Body Positive Activist Just Shut Down Clothing Sizes

This Body Positive Activist Just Shut Down Clothing Sizes

Have you ever tried on a ton of different things, only to have nothing fit or be a size or two bigger than you thought you were, leaving the store feeling like absolute crap? Same. 
Like, every single time I shop, something like this happens and it is honestly the worst. South African Instagrammer, Mira Hirsch, has experienced the same thing and fought back with the most relatable response

This is Mira Hirsch, a flawless goddess and activist who preaches the gospel of self-love and body positivity. 

Yes, she is gorgeous, thank you for noticing. 

She has been empowering women worldwide to accept, love, and embrace the skin that they are in. Super inspirational. 

Here is a photo she photoshopped to what she believes the ideal "thick" body would look like. She followed up that all body types are great, and no one should feel the need to make themselves look a certain way. Yasss, girl! 

She took to social media to give us a gentle reminder that clothing sizes mean nothing with this photo. She is wearing two pairs of pants in the same size from the same store.

Clearly, the two pairs of pants have a completely different fit. Numbers don't matter as much as our society likes to think, clearly. 

Hirsch has grown to resent shopping because she found this was happening so often, and girl, same. 

"Do not define yourself by a number, these are both exactly the same size! I used to absolutely dread shopping because of this reason alone!" she captioned the photo like the incredible woman she is.

Clothing size doesn't matter, what matters is the style and how we feel in it, as Hirsch so graciously reminded us. 

"Stop trying to fit into the 'ideal size'...take back your power and wear whatever size and style you desire...love the skin you're in!" she continued in the caption.

Thanks for the reminder, Mira. Keep on being the confident, stunning, body positive activist that we all aspire to be.

Attitude goals, bathing suit goals, body goals, overall goals. 

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