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Monday, 16 October 2017

When One Woman Learned To Embrace Her Facial Birthmark, She Inspired Us All

When One Woman Learned To Embrace Her Facial Birthmark, She Inspired Us All

Societal standards can be crushing, but empowered women like Ferrin Roy are destroying those standards by reminding us that we're all beautiful — and our so-called flaws are a part of that. Born with a large birthmark on her face, Ferrin has found a road of self-acceptance, self-love, and beauty that she is now sharing with the world.

Ferrin Roy is a mom, wife, published author, and body-positive activist that we should all aspire to be.

She is so gorgeous, that smile is priceless!

Sometimes, she posts photos with her husband, serving up a solid scoop of #CoupleGoals.

How cute are these two? You can see the happiness in this photo and that makes me have hope.

Her daughter and self-proclaimed 'mini-me' also makes appearances on her social media from time-to-time.

Aren't these two adorable? Mom and daughter — both fresh-faced and flawless!

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Ferrin was born with a noticeable birthmark on her face. She didn't mind it, nor did she even think twice about it until she noticed other people staring at it.

"I'll never forget — this lady stood up in front of everyone and she said, 'What is on your face, young lady? I've been motioning for you to remove it.' I was so embarrassed...I think she thought it was paint." she said on a traumatic childhood experience.

She thought about removing it after that incident, but decided against it because she didn't feel the need to.

"I would start tracing the shape of my birthmark with my finger and I would talk to myself in the mirror and say, 'Oh, you're pretty,' I would have to remind myself." she said on learning to cope with the pain, and embrace her natural beauty.

Part of that was because of her mother, who never taught her that her birthmark was a flaw, but something that merely made her unique.

"She didn't comb my hair a certain way to cover it. I never looked at it as a flaw, but of course others would look at it that way," Ferrin added.

Ferrin learned to love her birthmark — and that serves as the foundation for the self-love gospel she preaches to others.

She doesn't just live with it, she loves it. 

 Read how Ferrin deals with the haters over on the next page!

Like a great number of people, Roy receives hate and criticism for her appearance...but she doesn't let it get to her. 

"How do I cope with negativity, enemies, haters, etc??? I smile because I'm aware of the process they undergo," she said on about negative comments she brushes off like the queen she is.

She wrote The Mark She Kept, an ultra-inspiring book about loving yourself and living your best life.

"I hope this book reaches the hands of anyone who struggles with being different. You are distinctive and beautiful. Raise your head high and love yourself unconditionally!"

How do her children feel about the birthmark? Her girls love it, and think it makes her beautiful.

"They tell me it's pretty. They ask me if they're going to get one when they're older," she said. How stinkin' adorable is that?

Ferrin, keep on spreading messages of loving and seeing yourself as beautiful, no matter what. You are such an inspiration!

Beautiful inside and out, a million times over.

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