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Thursday 16 November 2017

12 Fierce Females Who Made It Big After Minor Roles

12 Fierce Females Who Made It Big After Minor Roles

In the entertainment industry, it's often said that actors have to "pay their dues." With minor roles or work as extras, these now-big names got their start at the very bottom.

All these fierce females started out with minor roles and made their way to the top!

1. Jennifer Lawrence

Before she was the highest paid actress and youngest leading Oscar winner to date, J-Law played a mascot on the TV show, Monk. Yes, a mascot. Talk about promotions! 

2. Lucy Liu

Today, she's a recognizable face. Before the starring roles, like Charlie's Angels!, however, Liu played one of the namesake's ex-girlfriends in Jerry Macguire. She's clearly worked her way well on up through the ranks! 

3. Michelle Williams

If you ever watched Home Improvement, you probably saw Michelle Williams as Brad's girlfriend. While the onscreen relationship didn't last, the small part helped boost her later career. 
*Cough cough* who else still binge watches Dawson's Creek

4. Kerry Washington

The star of Scandal spent years acting as an extra or as one-time characters in television shows like ABC Afterschool SpecialStandard Deviants, and even NYPD Blue. Her perseverance paid off; she's now the star of a hit show! 

5. Jennifer Garner

This A-list actress played several minor roles, most notably on sitcoms Spin City and Fantasy Island in her early career. She earned bigger roles on television, then hit the big screen in some fan favorites like 13 Going On 30.

6. Amanda Seyfried

Who doesn't remember Karen from Mean Girls and her weather-"predicting" abilities? This was Seyfried's first film appearance after a couple of soap opera roles, like her appearance as Joni Stafford on All My Children in 2002.

7. Emma Stone

This Emmy-winning actress has been the face of some seriously big-name films. But before the starring roles, she made her film debut in Superbad with a minor role as a fellow student. 

8. Eva Longoria

If you look really hard, you can see a young Eva Longoria in Beverly Hills 90210. Years later, the actress has taken over movies and TV shows alike. #DesperateHousewives

9. Jennifer Lopez 

Now a triple threat in the industry, J.Lo was a backup dancer for New Kids on the Block and on the show, In Living Color. She landed a long-term role on the latter before moving to LA.

10. Mila Kunis

She's known best as Jackie Burkhart, but before the famed role Mila Kunis appeared in commercials and even small TV roles as a child. She got the role of Jackie at only 14.

11. Kristen Bell

Bell was a regular of miniscule roles like "Uncredited" in Teenage girl, "Executive's Daughter" and "Angela's Friend #1" in People Are Dead. That is, until 2004 when she landed the title spot in Veronica Mars.

12. Zoe Saldana

After just two episodes on Law & Order, Saldana landed a main role in Center Stage the following year. Her run with small character parts was impressively short! #GetItGirl 

Which actress' small role surprised you the most?!

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