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Sunday 26 November 2017

14 Boyfriends Who Are Desperately Crying For Help

Boyfriends are sweet, gentle creatures. They drive us places and hang out with our friends. They bring us water when we're too lazy to get up and they tell us we look beautiful even when we don't. They do a lot for us, and sometimes we take them for granted. We don't mean to, but as the strong, driven, independent women of the world, sometimes we don't give our men the love, attention, and respect they deserve. When that happens, they tend to cry out in anguish. Here are a few guys who might need a little more TLC. Or at least some recognition of the fact that they're obviously in pain.

1. This guy who matches his lady anytime he goes out. 

She might be amused, but her cat sure isn't.

2. Nick from New Girl

He's like a giant man-baby. A hot giant man-baby, but still.

3. Anyone who receives air fresheners as a gift. 

Better yet, anyone who receives air fresheners with their loved one's face on it. 

4. Walter White of Breaking Bad.

And RIP to the pizza that we would have all loved so dearly. 

5. The boyfriend who ate his girlfriend's chocolate. 

If they're still together after this, she's a stronger woman than I am. 

6. Gossip Girl's Dan Humphrey. 

No one puts Dan Humphrey in the corner. Xoxo.

7. The guy who should learn to sleep with one eye open. 

And maybe have a talk with his girlfriend about her makeup addiction. 

8. This Taken styled note, written by the girlfriend who doesn't mess around.

Kill the bug or feel her wrath. 

9. Jess, from Gilmore Girls

Under his bad boy exterior, you just know he's a sad softie. 

10. Any guy who gets a shirt with his girlfriend's face on it.

Anyone else thinks he looks like a sad dog from a shelter commercial? *cue: Sarah Mclachlan*

11. The guy who gave his girlfriend goalie gloves.

JUST WHAT SHE WANTED! How did he know?!

12. Ryan. 

Hey, love looks different for everyone. Ryan just doesn't know what it is yet. 

13. Any man who is a part of those "follow me" pictures. 

It's the price you pay when we love likes more than we love our fellas. 

14. My boyfriend. 

If that's not a face of pain and sadness, I don't know what is. 

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