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Friday 10 November 2017

16 Hilarious Tweets About How We All Act Differently On Each Social Media Platform

 16 Hilarious Tweets About How We All Act Differently On Each Social Media Platform

Who are we kidding? We're not the same, buttoned-down people we are on Facebook when we're on Twitter. And forget about the polish of Instagram when we're on Snapchat. 

Maybe it's the difference between having filters or having a limit on the characters we can use, but most likely, it's the audience. And for most of us, it looks like Twitter is just a dumpster fire.

1. Which version of Kris Jenner shows up for you on Facebook vs Twitter?

Casual lunch with a magazine-ready salad Kris, or too fabulous to care what time you start drinking martinis Kris?

2. Things sure do get stranger as you go down the list, don't they?

Mind you, I don't want to give anyone on that LinkedIn account an endorsement for anything, but I would also be scared not to.

3. Does this maybe owe something to Cat Blanchett's awesomeness?

Range, man, the lady has range. Of course, if real life looks like that, I'd stick with Facebook all the way.

4. My god, this is too perfect.

The criminal, the athlete, the basket case, the princess, and the brain just sums it all up so damn well, it's like John Hughes was a visionary or something.

5. The many faces of Danny DeVito are really all we need to communicate in life.

But I do have a question: Is that second Danny supposed to be escaping from the hellish Twitterverse, or a new, demonic Danny being birthed after exposure to the hellish Twitterverse?

6. Translation: one of these pics is for Mom, and one of these pics is for your friends.

Normal teenager stuff. But now Mom is going to follow you on Twitter, k?

7. Speaking of which, at least someone is willing to say that it's all about the audience.

How long do you really think your mom would last following you on Twitter?

8. What have you been up to on Twitter that would make you shudder at the thought of showing it to someone you want to like you?

Apparently she's been making the most of her characters!

9. Okay, so it's not exactly The Breakfast Club, but it looks like '80s movies explain a lot about the modern world.

Even the '80s movies that make you want to stock up on hand sanitizer. 

10. Guys, seriously, soap and water, scrub vigorously, rinse thoroughly, repeat.

If there's such a thing as too much fun, it's happening on Twitter. 
Also, those Disney Channel days are long in the past.

11. Just like Cate Blanchett, Lady Gaga has range. There's glamorous Gaga, little monster Gaga, bizarre Gaga, and yet, they're all Gaga.

This could have gone so many more directions, but still, accurate.

12. And, well, I guess it's no surprise that maturity is in short supply on Twitter by now.

But fun? Oh yeah, Twitter has fun. And haven't we all done this at a pumpkin patch at least once in our lives? 

13. This isn't just about social media — this is America.

You can instantly understand everything you need to know from this. Now I want to see someone explain the Electoral College using John Cena gifs. 

14. Do we all just reserve our darkest selves for Twitter, is that the theme?

Or are 140 characters just completely disposable compared to every single other social media option out there? 

15. You know what? I bet this is true for the whole squad there.

Okay, maybe their Snapchat needs a cat ears filter or something, but generally speaking, totally on point.

16. The great thing about this, like with Lady Gaga, is that it's all still Miley.

Although she's swung back towards LinkedIn, she never lived anything but her true Twitter self. 

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