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Saturday 25 November 2017

16 Ladies' Graphic Tees That Don't Totally Suck

16 Ladies' Graphic Tees That Don't Totally Suck

 There was once a time when graphic tees were so cool...before they suddenly weren't. 
Honestly, I blame stores that had to go and put ridiculous phrases like "tacos" and "mermaid-in-training" on them. Sorry, we're more sophisticated than that, aren't we? 
Let's start wearing graphic tees that don't totally suck, like these ones!

1. This shirt is a step in the right direction towards saving the bees, which are disappearing at an alarming rate, by the way!

This shirt and The Bee Movie are doing their part to help, obviously. 

2. We need more shirts like this in this world.

Let's all start supporting each other more, what do you say? There's nothing wrong with a little extra girl power in our lives!

3. This shirt is honestly so iconic and a guaranteed conversation starter without being tacky or tasteless.

Rosa Parks was having none of it, and we're applauding that. Yay for civil rights!

4. Everybody should be a feminist and proud of it.

This shirt is bold, straightforward, and to the point. This is the kind of shirt I would proudly rock anywhere and at any time. 

5. This shirt celebrates some of the most profound female artists, and we are HERE for it.

You might have to explain it one or two times, but you're educating people, which is never a bad thing.

6. This shirt exudes so much strength and power in just a few words. How amazing is that?

This is another shirt that I would proudly wear no matter where I go.

7. This shirt is honestly so sassy that I had to include it in this list.

We needed to lighten things up with this bad boy, and you can't tell me that it's not absolutely amazing.

8. If you love space, you'll adore this moon shirt.

And even if you don't love space, how cool does this look? It's so simple, but you know that everybody's going to love it and want one of their own.

9. Moving into the fandom shirts just a little bit, this Luke's shirt is instantly recognizable to any Gilmore Girls fans.

Doesn't it look chill and nonchalant, just like Luke himself?

10. This is one of the few Stranger Things shirts that actually caught my eye.

It's pretty clever, right?
Get it? Because Will was in the Upside Down, and his name is...yeah, okay, you get it.

11. If you're in the mood to rock on but want to be discreet about it, check this out.

It lets people know that you're a bomb chick but also really chill and kind of cool when you want to be.

Do people still say "bomb chick"? Did they ever?

12. Look! It's a tea shirt!

This one borders the line of something cringeworthy you'd find at Forever 21, but it doesn't quite cross it, so it makes the list simply for its cute factor.

13. If you love Van Gogh, you can wear your heart on your sleeve, or, in this case, on your shirt, with this cute top.

I mean, come on, who doesn't appreciate a good "Starry Night"?

14. If you're all about the kale life, I've got a shirt you're going to love.

Because do you really love kale if you're not advertising to your family, friends, and every stranger on the street?

15. Check this top out if you're all about the citrus life.

I would wear this every single day in the summer. And you know what? I'd keep it on all autumn, winter, and spring, too, just because it's THAT neat.

16. We're going to end this with an iconic sloth shirt because, hello, sloths!

Do you agree with this list? Are these not some pretty amazing graphic tees? Leave a COMMENT and let us know which one you need in your life ASAP.

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