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Wednesday 1 November 2017

16 People Who Took Halloween To The Next Level

 16 People Who Took Halloween To The Next Level

I love Halloween because it's the one time every year where you get to witness creativity from people you wouldn't necessarily expect it from. It's a day where you don't have to hold back and can be almost anything you can imagine!
And even though it may be a little late this year, the ideas below can certainly be used as inspiration for next year's costume.

1. HIM

Any Powerpuff Girls fans in the house? If so, you'll know exactly who this is! And you'll also be aware that fear strikes the hearts of those who even mention his name. It's HIM!

2. Meredith

Wardrobe malfunctions are never ideal, especially at work functions, but when you're doing it on purpose and recreating one of the most memorable moments from everyone's favorite show, The Office, it's hilarious.

3. The Grady Twins

The Shining is a horror classic that's full of unforgettable quotes, and these two have nailed the sinister Grady Twins look. "Come play with us, Danny. Forever…and ever…and ever."

4. Grandma

These two are absolutely precious and mini-grandma looks pretty proud of herself! Halloween doesn't have to be all about ghosts and goblins — some choose to dress up as the people they look up to.

5. Tina Belcher

"Wore this to the office Halloween costume contest. I did not win." This getup is spot on, and it's a shame no one in the office appreciated it. 

6. Arthur

Omg, you guys — the fist! This is beyond epic! Whether you're an Arthur fan or you simply love a good, old-fashioned meme, this costume is sure to please.

7. Bob Ross

Now that's one happy little trick-or-treater! If your child says they want to be Bob Ross for Halloween, then you make sure they're the best Bob Ross the neighborhood has ever seen!

8. Galaxy Note 7

Too soon? Some Android fans may not find this as funny as others, but you have to admit, it's pretty creative. Cue the Alicia Keys remix — "This Note 7's on fireee!"

9. Rosie

I'm a huge fan of The Jetsons, so I absolutely had to include this amazing Rosie costume in the list. It's amazing what can be done with some cardboard, construction paper, and a bit of imagination!

10. Georgie And His Boat

"Hiya Georgie! What a nice boat. Do you want it back? You look like a nice boy. Do you want a balloon too, Georgie?" It wouldn't be Halloween 2017 without the perfect It ensemble, right?

11. Princess Leia And R2-D2

"My grandpa's costume." Seriously, my heart can't handle all of the cuteness in this photo. A Shop-Vac as R2-D2?! This is why grandpas are the best.

12. A Fireplace

If I hadn't labelled this picture as "a fireplace" would you have known someone was actually pretending to be a roaring fire? Talk about thinking outside the box!

13. Vincent van Gogh

OK, wow! This is impressive, to say the least! Hair — check. Beard — check. Starry Night suit — check. All this guy needs is a missing ear and his look is good to Gogh.

14. Ratatouille

"Good food is like music you can taste, color you can smell. There is excellence all around you. You need only to be aware to stop and savor it." #Ratatouilleforthewin

15. A Stock Photo

Normally, I'm totally against the use of stock photos, but in this case, I'll allow it — because it's such a great idea! I hope he won for most original costume.

16. Steve Jobs

"Stopping by the Apple Store in my Halloween costume." I really want to know how many people did a double take with this one. The resemblance is uncanny! 

Which costume is your favorite? Tell us know the COMMENTS and then SHARE this list with others!

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