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Saturday 25 November 2017

16 Road Trip Hacks For A Flawless Adventure

16 Road Trip Hacks For A Flawless Adventure

Sometimes, a road trip with our friends or the fam is just what we need to have some serious fun. However, as awesome as they might be, road trips can also result in a big mess. That's why there are these hacks though! They can help prevent a disaster — and keep everyone entertained. 
Get ready to #GlowUp your next road trip.

1. Hang an iPad on the sun visor to create a makeshift television. Talk about roadside entertainment!

This is actually PERFECT for teens. At least they'll lift their heads from their phones for a few. LOL
Just make it's not totally obstructing the driver's view and you're good to go. 

2. Line a reusable cereal container with a small trash bag for a portable garbage can.

Now, there's literally no excuse for wrappers crowding the floor, backseat, and seat pockets in your car. Heck, why not step up your game and do this all the time?

3. Use shower caddies with suction cups to store art supplies, miniature toys, snacks and juice boxes, and more.

You can also get those markers made for windows and put them in there so kids have entertainment at their fingertips. Trust me, they'll need ALL the things.

4. Make a base for fun, fantastical LEGO creations that will keep children (or adults) busy the entire time.

IMO you'd need more LEGOs than that, but whatever works. This is practical, pretty cheap, and super cute! Plus, the kids can pretend they're driving just like you!

5. Craft a spill-proof, child-proof, sharp-turn-proof container for all the snacks.

Super simple and it gives you an excuse to drink an entire container of juice. Plus, how cute is it? Mason jars make everything cuter — it's like, a scientific fact. 

6. Use an over-the-door shoe organizer to pack pet supplies for a pup on board (or cat...whatever suits your fancy).

No more messing around. This organizer means you have everything you need for your doggo in just one spot. Psst... Don't forget a water bottle! 

7. DIY a scented air freshener for the car with wax cubes and a Mason jar.

This is cheaper than a lot of commercial ones and you can customize the scent! All you need is a Mason jar, a drill, and wax cubes.

8. Hang kids' stuff like books, stuffed animals, snacks, and more in an over-the-door organizer.

This keeps everything in one place, as opposed to all over the car — not that children won't make a mess anyway, but hey, at least there's somewhere to put it all back into. 

9. Make a bag of goodies for each stop on the road trip.

This is geared towards kids, but I would totally do this with my friends too. It gives an incentive for those long hours of driving! Plus...whatever goes into the bags is totally up to you! 

10. Pack a couple of shower caddies and save a huge mess while eating on the road.

How simple is this? I can't believe I didn't think of this before — such a lifesaver for drive-thru lunches! Oh? You pack your own snacks? Put 'em in here then!

11. Speaking of shower caddies... Use them to pack snacks and even condiments.

Compared to a giant bag full of goodness-knows-what... This is easier, cleaner, and more organized. Plus, you'll never run out of ketchup for your fries! It's a win-win. 

12. Use a binder clip and a rubber band to transform a smartphone into a GPS (because holding your phone and driving sucks — and some passengers can't be trusted with directions!)

Psst...you probably have all of these supplies at home, ready to go.

13. DIY Car Sick Bags are great for people who might be prone to motion sickness..

You can never be too prepared when it comes to a road trip. Plus, it's so much better to have this stuff on hand than to try and find it along the way.

14. Use tackle boxes to pack everything from snacks to toiletries to personal products.

Okay, we should just never leave home without one of these. Save room in your purse and keep everything in one place, safe from spills. My favorite use? Storing all the chocolates I'm gonna eat. 

15. Pour shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and more into travel-sized containers and hang them on a lanyard. 

Talk about convenience for a weekend day trip! This will save a ton of space in your suitcase or overnight bag! You can even have one for hairspray and concealer too. 

16. Pack a bin of 'road trip essentials' like paper towels, tissues, wipes, first aid kit, etc.

Always have the basics, plus whatever else you need. Tbh, being in the car kinda sucks so you can never have enough comfort and cleaning items. 

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