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Saturday 25 November 2017

20 Besties Who Are The New Definition Of Best Friend Goals

20 Besties Who Are The New Definition Of Best Friend Goals

All of us have best friends, but some of us need to step up our game because the bar has just been raised! Whether it's putting in a ridiculous amount of work to help get the perfect picture, or getting petty revenge on an ex, friendships are evolving and we need to catch up! Check out these besties who are the new definition of best friend goals. 

1. When their friend started dating a girl and disappeared off the map, these guys held a memorial service in his honor. They can only hope that the relationship won't work out so that he can be raised from the dead.

2. This guy deserves an award for best friend of the year. There probably isn't too much of a difference between those shorts and his boxers.

He actually does have pretty nice legs though. Work it, dude!

3. This is a best friend goal that I never knew I had. They dressed up like the characters of Mario Kart and cruised off into the sunset together. Can you imagine driving down the road and seeing this?!

4. Best friends are supposed to have your back, literally. These two will probably grow up to become the best men in each other's wedding. For the bottom kid's sake, I really hope that the one peeing has good aim.

5. We've all made bad relationship choices, so we need best friends like this to remind us to stay strong. If the best friend has to suffer through the bad parts of the relationship, then they're definitely allowed to celebrate when it's over!

6. This is so petty... I love it! Girls gotta stick together, especially when it comes to making a man jealous. I'm impressed that she had those shoes laying around for this occasion.

7. These two are the most adorable thing I've seen all day. I just imagine that the bus was full and they were exhausted after seeing a death metal concert, so they were forced to cuddle. 

8. Being someone's best friend means that you automatically become best friends with their dog as well. I wouldn't call this extra, because I would expect my best friend to do the exact same thing!

9. William had perfect execution, but Anthony didn't quite get his fist all the way to the frame. Either way, their best friend goals are forever sealed in the yearbook.

10. If you're not wearing your best friend's face on your shirt, then what are you even doing? I love that she picked the most embarrassing photo possible. That part is key.

11. How will the teacher ever be able to find out who is who! When I was little, my best friend and I dressed up in matching black jackets and ski masks and threw snowballs at the neighbor kids. Our disguises worked a little better than these kiddos.

12. Best friends always have the perfect way with words. Get you a bestie that will help you brainstorm insults for all your annoying exes.

Even if they're not that clever, being diabolical together is fun.

13. I'm not totally sure why she's hiding underneath a jacket, but I demand this level of dedication from my friends who take my picture! If you don't make me look like a supermodel, we're not friends anymore. 

14. This was always the highlight of the day in high school. A few ugly faces from your best friend were exactly what you needed to wake up from your mid-class nap.

15. Why don't my best friends text me this?! All I ever get are texts that say "Are you sure you want to wear that in public?" or "You may want to lay off the McDonald's."

16. I'm going to have my best friend that carrying around a portable fan with her so that whenever we take pictures my hair will be blowing in the wind like BeyoncĂ©. 

17. Why is this the funniest thing I've ever seen?! That's quite the impressive disguise. I hope she bought that mustache just for this occasion. 

I could really use a bestie like this.

18. What you don't see are four other friends standing out of frame with lights and make up. This was an entire Hollywood production. Get you some friends who go the extra mile like this.

19. I don't like the term "Third Wheel". It sounds so exclusive. I prefer "Third Member Of Our Relationship." Because boy, if you're dating my best friend, then you're also dating me!

20. When you wear something ridiculous in public, but instead of telling you to change, your best friend joins in to save you from embarrassment. 

Nobody even gives me flowers, let alone does this with me.

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