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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

A Rare Medical Condition Forces This Adorable Labrador To Eat Her Meals In A High Chair

A Rare Medical Condition Forces This Adorable Labrador To Eat Her Meals In A High Chair

Sometimes furbabies require a little extra love. They may be anxious, have behavioral issues, or surprise their humans with medical problems. 

But we love them anyway, because they're our family, even if it means finding creative ways to work around their various issues. 

Tinker "Tink" Vol is a silver labrador with a huge personality and, unfortunately, an overly large esophagus.

Her family learned of the issue only a week after bringing her home. She wasn't keeping her food down and a trip to the emergency vet revealed she suffered from megaesophagus. 

Though the condition sounds like something out of a Godzilla movie, it means that Tink's esophagus doesn't help push the food down to her stomach. 

Instead, the food just kind of sits there until it makes her sick or causes breathing problems. Poor puppy!
Lucky for Tink, though, is the fact that there's a simple solution: gravity. 

 That's right! Tink eats all her meals in an adorable high chair!

Because dogs walk on all fours, gravity doesn't naturally help their food make it to their stomachs. 

By sitting upright in her chair, Tink can eat several small meals throughout the day and her family knows the nutrients are going where they're needed. 

To help with vet bills and the cost of her special chair, her family created a GoFundMe campaign.

As of this writing, it's almost reached its goal of $4,500.

Look at that nose! BOOP!
Tink's condition may have been a surprise to her family, but it's clear that they love her very much. In the year since they adopted her, she's grown healthy and beautiful! 
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