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Wednesday 1 November 2017

As If We Needed More Reasons To Love A Couple, Mila Kunis Says That Ashton Doesn't Annoy Her

As If We Needed More Reasons To Love A Couple, Mila Kunis Says That Ashton Doesn't Annoy Her

We all know and love the Hollywood power couple that is Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. Actually, they captured our hearts years ago. 
Well, now there's even one more reason to give them a well-deserved award for being the cutest couple we know.
Let's recall their epic love story, shall we? 

We fell in love with them on That '70s Show as the mismatched couple who just were not meant to be. Even so, we followed their love story and laughed and cried along the way. 

Then after we shipped them for what seemed like forever, they finally coupled up, making our celebrity crush dreams come true. 

There aren't enough "awww"s out there to cover how these two make us feel. 

Then they had two li'l babies, Wyatt and Dimitri, and now our hearts are so full for their supes adorbs family. 

I am getting feels just staring at these cans of Coke. That is how much I can't handle these two. 
They always have good things to say about each other, and Mila is at it again. 

While promoting their new film, A Bad Moms Christmas, Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn, the three were asked, "What is one thing the husbands are doing that is annoying you the most?"

We were hoping for a relatable inside scoop!

Mila threw out an answer that people might not have expected.

She did not care that people may want to hear the nasty side of a marriage; instead, she decided to serve us some love. 

Mila's feelings are pretty much the exact opposite of what Ashton's character, Kelso, from That '70s Show, thought about Jackie, played by Mila. 

We actually really love that Mila isn't annoyed by Ashton, because we don't think we would be, either. 

She continued, admitting that she might be a little na├»ve and that the annoyance could creep up some day, but that for now, it's all good. 

Clearly they just love each other oh-so-much, and we're here for it. 

Okay, Mila, stop. Now you're just rubbing it in. 

This just isn't even fair anymore. Cue the sappy music and lay down the rose petals — we've entered romance land, population: Mila and Ashton. 

It is official. Hollywood couple of the century is (and forever will be) Ashton and Mila. 

You can tell how #Blessed she feels, and we are pretty sure that he feels the exact same.

And we suddenly feel all warm and fuzzy!

You guuuuuys! That's just the sweetest thing we ever did hear! I have now gone through an entire box of tissues, and my mascara no longer exists on my face. 

This isn't the first time that Mila has got her gush on about her main man. She talked about the moment she went from seeing Ashton as just a friend to seeing him as the love of her life. 

And not to steal their thunder or anything, but Mila and Ashton may have some strong competition from Mila's Bad Moms costar, Kristen Bell, and her hubby, Dax Shepard.

These two have cuteness down pat, and we want what they're selling. 

Ashton also tends to get in on sharing the love, like posting this Valentine's Day breakfast for his wifey. 

Heart. Shaped. Sweet. Potato. Pancake. I just absolutely can't anymore. I am done. 

Ashton and Mila are also devoted to everyone's favorite guilty pleasure, The Bachelor. 

Ashton and Jared are basically the same person. Can we all just agree on this now and put it to rest?

Then they showed up on The Bachelorette during a group date. 

They love the show so much, they wanted to just pop by and make an appearance. We were so okay with it. Best group date ever!

Mila and Ashton, just keep on doing you, and we will happily enjoy the ride. 

Are you screaming? We're screaming. Come scream with us. 
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