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Thursday 2 November 2017

Baby Bangs Are The Popular New Hair Cut

Baby Bangs Are The Popular New Hair Cut

Given that I have a pixie, I don't change up my hair often. Some people live to change up their hair though, experimenting with different colors and cuts. Bangs are one of the easiest ways to do that, and the latest trend is actually super cute.

Bangs have been a rather controversial cut since, well, the beginning of time. Basically.

They've become synonymous with emotional haircuts and breakups. But plot twist: They are actually super frickin' cute!

That is changing right now, though. During the past few months, bangs have become uber-popular.

I mean I have a pixie so I can't get them, but I love, love, love these bangs! Super cute, right?

People have dubbed this particular style as baby bangs, because they are super short. Duh!

Seriously I'm in love with them. Apparently, I'm not the only one either, because more and more people are opting for the chop!

Ariana Grande debuted this fresh, bangin' new 'do. That means that they are totally in right now, right?

Honestly between this and the new light color I'm shaking. Looks so good on her!

Unlike traditional blunt bangs, these have the freedom to look a little ragged and imperfect.

Which means for all those ladies brave enough to cut their own bangs, this might actually be a viable option. I'm not condoning it, though.

Although if polished and perfect suits you, go for it! How gorgeous is this curly blonde bob?

The versatility of this cut is unreal. She could dress up or dress down that style, no problem!

Because of their length — or lack thereof — these bangs work with a few different hair textures.

Looks great with a sleek, short bob or textured waves like these. Could this be a true universal cut?

Of course, these small bangs look great with pastel rainbow hair — because being real, what doesn't?

Unicorns can rock baby blunt bangs like these any day! Also, can we admire that orange hue for a minute? So bright and beautiful!

Sort of like that time gum got stuck in your hair as a child, and you had to cut it all off — but chic? 

Right before picture day, you dreaded it, but now you'd do it all over again willingly. 

No matter what your personal style is, there is a set of baby bangs that could totally work on you.

How different are these edgy bangs from the classic blonde ones? Obsessed with both!

There isn't a downside to this cut either, because the bangs will grow into cute fringe bangs afterwards.

Plus, if you have fallen in love with the lil bangs, you can trim them on the reg.

So, yeah. In short, baby bangs are adorable and everyone should go out and get some. ASAP!

Of course only if you want them. But I mean look at them! Who doesn't love this style??

Would you ever get baby bangs? I am living for them!

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